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RT @slimethree___: once you lie to me bruh ima always think you lying .. don’t even create that type of vibe
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RT @ImissMAYA: I’m literally a “noted” type of bitch. I won’t say shit but I will def peep it and make you feel the energy without…
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RT @NishiyamaAtsuko: この度、母子不当聴取の件でクラウドファンディングを始めました。 何卒ご支援、拡散のほど、お願い致します。 #CALL4 #母子不当聴取 「日本語しゃべれねえのか」ムスリム母子に違…
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RT @ifujishinsen44: 勿忘草・伍 鬼灯 1/11
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@FlicksAm Thanks so much! Really appreciate that 🙌 Are you on Goodpods by any chance? Haven't been able to find yo…
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RT @typesanitizer: Feel like there's this unfortunate problem where nice properties of type systems are sometimes dismissed as being a…
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@Sylviawimberly1 Very cute but not great for the child these type of pics or photoshoots tend to stress out the baby
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RT @BloodDonorsIn: #SOS #Delhi Need #Blood Type : B-positive Blood Component : Blood Number of Units : 2 Primary Number : 8920525660…
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@flower_bill @VintageKnits @crzyfkinworld Still, it is a good sign that she had a notable reaction, she was her imm…
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RT @benjaminamar4: Hallucinant de voir ces policiers protégeant Zemmour à Marseille. Autant d'argent public pour protéger un type cond…
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RT @bbcmundo: Qué opinas: ¿está en el cielo de "La noche estrellada" de Van Gogh "La gran ola" de Hokusai?
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RT @daikibokougeki: 河川を航行する075型強襲揚陸艦。 Type 075 amphibious assault ship cruising on river.
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RT @khaiah3: cuddling ass naked, skin to skin type shit is rlly top tier😢>>>
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@CEOofCaren Idk everytime I try to type Caren I just keep thinking "should I type it with a k?"
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RT @Dadoudidonk: Naulleau c'est quand même le meilleur pote de Zemmour, le co-auteur de Soral, l'intervieweur enamouré de Le Pen, le…
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I am both "fast replier" and "never replies" type of person, it depends on my mood.
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RT @People4Dharma: People For Dharma solicits your support to make our initiative for promotion and protection of Dharma possible Nam…
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Seu amigo karoldiz solicitou um item de você! Clique para enviar o item! PC - CADEIRA -…
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Type the year you became a teenager into the gif bar and post it.
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