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RT @BeholdIsrael: The Lord gave me a word today: He is allowing this pandemic for His name to be proclaimed. He gave John a chilling…
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Come check out our video, Turn your Smart Phone into an Multiple Income Streams! #YouTube #videogame…
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@RealJamesWoods More interesting is Brian not even hiding how they wanted to turn the coronavirus into Trump’s Katr…
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RT @joppingho3: SM has this thing where they don’t want the artist to be bigger than the company. You wonder why they turn down cer…
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RT @lestheprez: Hi everyone! I turn 27 tomorrow (in 3 hrs) and I wanted to share a topic really dear to me. The title speaks for it…
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@myaouchie Have u ever had a glass of milk with those straws that turn it into like strawberry or chocolate milk ????? 💣💣💣💣
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RT @ProgPro: You say one negative thing about Boris Johnson and suddenly your mentions turn into this
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ここの垢だと語彙力無くなるし感情の起伏がMt. Fuji並に激しいから本垢ではとにかく抑えてちゃんとした文が書けるように頑張ってる
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RT @hhjlooped: his eyes really turn into crescents when he laughs or smiles
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@AamAnusorn Phi, we care... We just can't figure out how to proceed with least damage...what can we do esp as inter…
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‘Light at the end of the tunnel’: Coronavirus hot spots turn corner via @washtimes
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RT @BeholdIsrael: The Lord gave me a word today: He is allowing this pandemic for His name to be proclaimed. He gave John a chilling…
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RT @iamDjLoonyo: <IPhone XS GIVEAWAY> Hi Guys mag papa giveaway IPHONE XS SALI KAYO Follow the mechanics; -Follow Me @iamDjLoonyo
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RT @slayshin: when ryujin smiles so hard that her eyes turn into crescent moon and her whisker dimples appear 🥺
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@MustaphaRI_ @_MulumbeniPhiri 😂🤣🤣🤣😂 and u guys didn’t turn up 🤦🏾‍♂️
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RT @JoseVizu27: Nina Simone Tomorrow is my turn vía @YouTube Buenas noches, felices sueños.
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RT @real_babymimi: 🤣😂 Nigerian Blogs turn everything about Mercy into News. She’s not called the Queen of Highlights for no reason…
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RT @t0nit0ne: The results are in! The majority of women who participated in the polls believe that: - An excessively caring and…
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RT @Toasta_: So if the president reduces the number, the rest will automatically turn into ventilators or what?
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