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RT @BTC_Arrow: It's funny how a lot of the people in this space proclaim that bitcoin is freedom, and then turn around and make co…
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RT @crypthereals: I'll give $25 randomly in 6 hours 🎉 Must retweet this tweet, follow @HamYou15 & myself and turn our notifications on 🔔✅
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RT @Vioncii: took my tweet regarding roblox free model viruses, this is not rhtc drama, please don't try to turn it into that.…
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RT @stepbymoo: Walking.... *sniff* This scent?! *U turn* excuse me! Stranger : yes? Me : iboda joeul su isseukka Stranger : *cryi…
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RT @artthetrash: turn your vampire au into a adventure time au 🍬🍬
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RT @1pnZ4nuD32cWMvP: 真鯛らーめん麺魚神保町店 11:00-20:00まで通し営業させて頂きます❗️ 本日限定メニュー 11:00-限定数無し ブリ100%らーめん塩or醤油 燻製塩炙りブリチャーシュー 冷やし真鯛らーめん 新メニュー❗️ 冷やし生姜…
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RT @Khushi4justice: From showcasing fake tweets, peddling fake suicide theory, conducting Rhea's friendly IV to covering Gupta U turn,…
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didnt know nat would turn into this problematic . gladly my album arrived safely lmao
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“All humans make mistakes. What determines a person’s character aren’t the mistakes we make. It’s how we take those…
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RT @rwheels212: Always turn your swag on
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RT @cryptattoo: $25 GIVEAWAY 💸 6 hours I'll give $25 to one person. Must retweet this tweet, follow @HamYou15 & myself and turn our notifications on 🔔
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オタクという名称はOne Turn Killの頭字語から生まれたものなので基本的にオタクは全員強者であって、この地で生活を営む多くの強者には健全な魂が宿っているので秋葉原の治安は比較的良い
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@anish_vk02 @yotam_h Also interventionist foreign policy is good. Standing by as atrocities happen is not progressi…
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@1010riddhi @BNMishraji ♪☟ सभी मित्र जिनको फॉलोवर्स बढ़ाना है ईमानदारी से फॉलो करें और फॉलोबैक दें𓁙␡ ➠❅➠❅➠❅❅❅❅❅❅❅…
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I think love is like central heating. You turn it on before guests arrive and pretend it’s like this all the time. —Laura Lexx
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@GoogleStadia When is Malaysia’s turn?
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RT @_slimarella_: biggest turn off to me is not understanding the principle. it’s deeper than you think.
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RT @artthetrash: turn your vampire au into a adventure time au 🍬🍬
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> ahead, as if to tell him to turn around now before it was too late. He stood just outside the gate to the expens…
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