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RT @MolloyCollege: John P. McEntee, Chair of the Molloy College Board of Trustees, announced today that the College will freeze its tu…
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@pulte It will be a great help for my tuition fees and groceries!! 🥺😍
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@ProfDBernstein @MDrelichman I’m talking about a kid who got into a four year college and would pay full tuition for online classes
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@JazaraWRLD @EmmaLangevinXO hey man thanks for paying for my tuition last semester. i’m on track to graduate and it’s all thanks to you!
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@DIGICELJamaica I would pay some on my tuition fee for college owed n continue with my schoolwork. Then pay sums Bi…
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the audacity of pies to ask for previous sy's tuition payments at this time of crisis when literally so many parent…
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@pulte Who is willing to pay my college tuition. @pulte @TeamPulte
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RT @CoachdjCheetah: I was a 4 year starter in college, but the fans who cheered for me, asked for autographs or pictures don’t call and…
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@pulte Put it toward my MBA tuition.
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Its fucked how colleges basically force you to buy their overpriced textbooks its gross My college included textboo…
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Why scrap tuition fees when you could scrap deadlines #BigBrain
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She say she wannna be a dentist reallly badddd fuck tuition doin porn in the vaaaallleey
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@wickedhuna @TuBeRcUlOsiS243 @allishuffitt2 I used my student loans to pay for my apartment. So I took out more mon…
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RT @GleekguyEP: The CUNY administration has proposed, at many colleges, a massive wave of layoffs of our professors and a June tuit…
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@ivan_brussels Part of CFA tuition goes towards 1 tesla share this year. Thanks @CathieDWood !
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@pulte make a payment towards my summer tuition $markt377
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@jaycauli They have. CRA clarified this last week. If somebody has been accepted, enrolled, liable for tuition fees…
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RT @downtownssb: Just picked up this untouched 1957 from the original owner. Creamy. What an instrument. Helping his grand kids pay…
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RT @sarahdanielz: funny how we didn’t get a tuition break but good thing we are constructing a stupid $68M telescope that is a litera…
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David has sent her enough to cover a year of college tuition, I’m sure of it lmao #90dayfiance
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