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This is way different than 2016 the trump honeymoon is over for a lot of people who voted for him the first time around
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RT @kevinsteinley: @GOP @realDonaldTrump While Trump paid just $750 in U.S. federal income taxes in 2017, he has paid: - $188,561 in…
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@realDonaldTrump #TERRORIST_TRUMP
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WOAH if this is true... holy shit. Trump is fighting hard and I applaud him!
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RT @LisaMarieBoothe: I love that President Trump released the 60 Minutes interview and took away their ability to manipulate and misinform viewers.
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RT @Bill19300155: TRUMP'S GREAT HARM TO AMERICA AND THE WORLD - Special Conference Tickets, Sat, Oct 24, 2020 at 4:00 PM | Eventbrite
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@DebraMessing @jrad1014hi All I know is their support for Trump has nothing to do with Christ or Christianity. They…
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RT @elveszettvilag: @glittrfltr Let's now turn it around, if Trump wins the election: More black people who deserved a good future wil…
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@KSoltisAnderson @benshapiro You are on Twitter you see what goes on daily unless you are the most die hard trump s…
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RT @robertjdenault: NY Times: “Officials say Russia’s ability to change vote tallies across the US is limited.” Um... how limited? La…
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RT @ddale8: Stahl correctly told Trump that he used to have bigger rallies. He falsely responded "these are the biggest rallies we've ever had."
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RT @SaraCarterDC: Fox News: #Trump to bring #HunterBiden associate as guest to debate
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RT @ddale8: Trump denied encouraging his crowds' lock-'em-up chants, saying, "They say it. It's not me." Wrong. He not only go…
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@HKrassenstein @MikeEmanuelFox But he then decided to run for President. Following your logic, why would it be rel…
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RT @SethAbramson: THE ATLANTIC 5/ "...Trump's attacks on Hunter Biden should be understood as the pillar of this strategy." Read bel…
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RT @seanhannity: TEMPER TANTRUM: Stahl Accuses Trump, Pence of ‘Insulting 60 Minutes,’ Says She’s ‘Upset!’
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RT @RWTrollPatrol: Former Director of the CIA under Bush General Hayden @GenMhayden Is sounding the alarm: "If there is another term f…
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RT @bennyjohnson: Let this sink in: As President Trump was being impeached for merely *suggesting* the Bidens be investigated for cor…
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RT @AhmedBaba_: In his 60 Minutes interview with Lesley Stahl, Trump validates Democratic fears of the SCOTUS ACA case on Nov 10. T…
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