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@Tribe_XX I had no idea his family didn't own the rights to the book. That director sounds like a class a scoundrel.
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RT @realsoundjp: 【コラム】THE RAMPAGE 武知海青、“EXILE TRIBE史上最高の筋肉を持つ男”の頼もしさ メンバーの前ではかまってちゃんな一面も? #THERAMPAGE #武知海青 #LDH #THERAMPAGEメンバー分析
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RT @flew25: Flanked by a tribe of smug white people, Trump walks a violently cleansed route to stand in front of a shuttered ch…
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RT @exile_news__: 6/6(土)19:56~O.A 日テレ「世界一受けたい授業」に 岩田剛典が出演‼️
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RT @D_B_Harrison: To my white brothers and sisters in the Lord: I do not carry on my back the burden of “hundreds of years” of slaver…
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@conceptualkitty He's found a tribe of racist, misogynistic anti-intellectuals who craved a pseudointellectual vene…
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Flanked by a tribe of smug white people, Trump walks a violently cleansed route to stand in front of a shuttered ch…
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RT @James7Holland: When Catalan and French protesters were beaten by police, Guy made no such signal of his virtue. Because his conde…
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RT @Indigenia: While the rest of the Nation is distracted, this administration is taking Tribal lands illegally. MY Tribe’s land…
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モイ!iPhoneからキャス配信中 -153日目配信
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Troop of marauding monkeys stuns locals by observing perfect social distancing
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RT @LDHofficialMB: 【LDH official mobile おうち時間企画 🏠】 LDH official mobileにて 「#おうち時間 アンケート 第三弾」を公開中✍️📃 本日は 劇団EXILE&GENERATIONS のアンケート結果を…
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RT @adjetey_cleland: I'm a Christian and I know most Christian communities are those who breed racism, ethnocentrism, tribalism and nepo…
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@GigiCMCKC @3rdHourTODAY @DylanDreyerNBC Do you understand that the definition of a tribe is literally a family????
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RT @taiki__official: #シブザイル スタジオ戻れた🥺 本当に楽しかった… 健二郎さん オザッツさん ありがとうございました😭 ずっと名前がなかった スタジオの犬の名も #犬ザイル🐶に決定🎊 来週のゲストは ドーベルの皆さん✨…
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RT @iamblobz: You are in Nigeria fighting against racism in the US yet your fellow Nigerian from a different tribe can't marry anyone in your family😪
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