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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: GOP Ousts Liz Cheney & Promotes Elise Stefanik
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RT @foivosloxias: Trevor asks : "If you are stronger than your opponent in a fight, how hard should you hit him when he tries to hurt…
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So...@Reds SP Wade Miley threw a no-hitter! How? You might ask. Well take a look as Trevor Bauer (@BauerOutage)…
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RT @realDailyWire: BREAKING: Biden Administration Restarts Border Wall Construction
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@janemika24 Set na pri hahahaha
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@helvarsolo first season was amazing i was obsessed but then it kinda went downhill after that... i say you give it…
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RT @laurenboebert: With the price of gas, at least ANTIFA and BLM won't be able to afford to light everything on fire this summer.
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@PogTrain try not to dwell on it mr trevor
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RT @HonestReporting: To the neutral viewer, @TrevorNoah comes across as reasonable. But his ignorance of Hamas' cynical manipulation of…
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@janecoaston Is this political dynamic prevalent any other country? Or is the American right’s laser focus on Israeli politics special?
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Ela é tão educada que até o trevor estranhou o palavrão
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The Sheehan Golf is now 10-0 on the season after beating North Haven yesterday at The Farms CC 182-229! Dylan Henn…
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It's time we ask ourselves different questions regarding the conflict. Trevor Noah: "When you have this much powe…
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RT @LandNoli: Derek Keys (Finance Minister) 1993: International Banks accepted a deal that the amount owed to them from 1985 whe…
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Card payments and ACH transfers were the first innovations in payments. However, we’re looking at a new chapter in…
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RT @uNtandoSindane: But Trevor Noah is(and has always been) a regressive charlatan and pathetic impostor, masquerading as a genuine pub…
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I see Trevor and Sypha are still the best part of the Castlevania show. The plot isn't always there but as long as those 2 are on screen.
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Last two sessions of Body Weight Toning and Ab Blast! No need for gym equipment as all of our sessions can be done…
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