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RT @bluntsbell: in the film he mentioned multiple times how much he hated wearing clothes yet he did this for anna, fellas this is…
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RT @jamaican_best: A lot of people act as if they like dark skin women on social media but treat them differently in public. Dark skin women deserve respect
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It is depends on how you treat me.
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RT @Just___KD: STOP going OUT your WAY for people who treat you like you in the WAY!!!
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RT @StephMcMahon: “Work hard. Find what you love and then be the very best you can be at it. But, most importantly, always treat peop…
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RT @jolynnetran: if you don’t treat your girl right i promise you there’s someone else in line waiting to
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RT @ScottPresler: In Baltimore, I met 81-year-old, 4 foot 10 inches Miss Louise. In Houston, I met 83-year-old, 5 foot Miss Delaney…
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@Tbthemoney1 @novanity777 @JuiceWorlddd He can’t but his label will. They gonna treat him like they did w X
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Kind and ain’t afraid to cry Or treat his momma right Thats right, thats what I like
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RT @michaelharriot: On Dec. 20, 1860, South Carolina became the first state to commit treason by officially declaring that its citizens…
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RT @tom_gardiner95: 🗣️ I didn't do this video for the sake of it. I did it because our older generation are... 1️⃣ Waiting weeks on…
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RT @IlariaMariaSala: I spoke to trade unionists I know: ohhh it’s impossible! So difficult! “The Chinese” don’t want us there. They don’…
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RT @MyersSD30: Stop treating it like it’s a crime, treat it as a public health issue. We’d all benefit. @JessPish @kellylynndavis
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RT @relatehugots: My attitude defend's on how you treat me.
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RT @justdestinyyt: Stop drinking Lean. Stop popping percs. Stop sniffing coke. That shit will only give you momentary satisfaction whi…
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RT @AnnieRUOakley: 🎶 Mama called the doctor, and the doctor said, "I'm a doctor not a veterinarian. I can't treat these monkeys you de…
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RT @javeighyw: Brother Nature being jumped is unsurprising, it’s characteristic of how humans treat Mother Nature. In this essay I-
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RT @electrifying: some of y’all can pretend you’re a great person by doing good things, but I’ve seen some of y’all’s tweets & how you treat others. 🤷🏼‍♀️
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RT @RepSwalwell: You keep vouching for Kim, yet he keeps defying you. It’s the same reason our allies laughed you out of Europe. You…
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@RegalFoods Such a lovely treat :)
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