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RT @iamsrk: In these times it’s imp to make everyone around u working tirelessly for u.. not related to u.. perhaps even unknow…
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@Leon_Schreib So you'd like all government departments to come to a collective agreement before acting in times of…
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RT @jessphillips: Am watching BBC News and the rolling advice on reasons why you can leave the house have been played about 5 times s…
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@DonLalo13 I played it twice and it worked both times haha
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RT @JC_C_A: Hasta al 'Financial Times' le sorprende la deslealtad del PP y Vox con el Gobierno en su lucha contra el Coronaviru…
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RT @mastrap84: During these troubling times the cure is fucking a mailman in his short shorts so sayeth Bill Nye
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@trulydysf say life’s overwhelming and you can’t function. It works 4/5 times
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RT @michelledean: Please everyone stop worrying about children and screen time right now. I glued myself to the tv and watched every…
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@ty_sims24 @samanthaaa2221 And the reason I was selling it was to help my mom out with groceries and items we need…
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RT @Michiroon: Pls enjoy my children we are in hard times
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Bit a pomising article there. Bharat Biotech in tie-up to develop a Covid vaccine - The Economic Times
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In case shit hits the fan and times get bad, I have 40 unseen TikTok’s I’ve filmed over the past few weeks.. #sobored yet #sofun 💙
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RT @Glenna_lynch: The Irish Times view on the pandemic: people expect to be levelled with
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@CksjRHzHvC1w6S5 ありがとうぉ、ゆっくり寝れたよ!
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Maybe, in these strange times, I should forget my current project, free myself up and write a two-hander for…
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RT @lalamoh: Some times distance is the only way to find peace
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RT @mhdksafa: A WWII soldier carrying a donkey. Because the field is mined & if the donkey was free, it would likely detonate a c…
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Adaptating in difficult times. I did some work last week with The Frome Independent helping to make their physical…
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RT @acatherwoodnews: This was so predictable. Ireland was already closing pubs and restaurants. #COVIDー19 . Cheltenham Festival ‘s…
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RT @kimberlycauilan: We all want to be close to the people we love, especially during times like this. But the harsh and devastating rea…
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