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@azpresident @Bozkurtalp66 #HAXTELUENQ Does only the flag move in the wind? We told you 10 times that you are making a video, be careful.
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there are times i just absolutely love being an artist. like yeah, most of the time it’s fine and dandy but there a…
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@Slovesnsd1 It was one offense , she did it multiple times . She abused her power even trainees where scared of her . Fuck her
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@kirkfranklin And boy was glad he said NO so many times
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REQUEST #SixTONES @MTV #FridayLivestream My request song is "NAVIGATOR" by SixTONES. (c/w traks:love u.../You & I/…
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RT @aproko_doctor: If you tell a lie too many times, it begins to sound like the truth. Don't forget what you saw with your own eyes
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RT @silverjennn: The good times 😔 now all I know is pain
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RT @ProjectLincoln: It’s a good morning in Times Square for Ivanka and Jared.
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@Davy_Rispin @DavyDalton @seaniedalton Hopefully david ye are definitely making a statement with that man great to…
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@Omojuwa @JibrinIbrahim17 Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie captured all these in her New York Times article of yesterday
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How many times can i watch mothersbasement's top worst anime of 2019/2018 videos in one week? Heh, you'll never know
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RT @Redistrict: Sign of the times: the Dem challenger in #TX03 is airing an ad tying the GOP incumbent to Trump - in a suburban dis…
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RT @iujjawaltrivedi: The Era of 'Star Worshipping' is over in #Bollywood. Thanks to all the people who have learnt a lot during recent t…
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RT @MrTeller: The New York Times has a very informative obituary on Randi.
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RT @donwinslow: @realDonaldTrump @PressSec Who do you believe? 60 Minutes 1. 52 years on air 2. Won 138 Emmy Awards 3. Based on r…
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In 'Adrift' (RM) he has feelings of being lonely and adrift. "because even if I’m with someone else, a corner of my…
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@DeathxLeopard @ShitChester Was it on the left as you walked towards TJ Hughes? Then at some point became a Poundwo…
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@rudepundit In normal times, a sitting president relentlessly attacking a challenger's family would be unacceptable…
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I already said this thousand times but I will say it again. Cukur has the worst PR team in the history of all shows…
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Sometimes I remember when my bf and I went to the trampoline park and I asked him to throw me into the foam pit and he did like 6 times.
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