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RT @SenatorDurbin: Troubled by the ongoing violence in Hong Kong. The overwhelming majority of HK citizens aspire for greater politica…
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RT @Darth_Pingu: #WhyDidntI do that thing that time at that place when that thing happened?
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RT @yutkitty: every time i think about how yuta ditched 11 years of soccer to become a kpop star because he developed a crush on…
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@Liz_Wheeler @DineshDSouza Its all just changing vocabulary. Doesnt change facts. Just weird that we have to change…
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RT @lore_nna11: não e colocando time no meio não, mas se é com amiga(o) minha eu faço a mesma coisa, caio pra dentro do caô
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RT @JohnJHarwood: during that time, whistleblower blew his whistle
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RT @nabrathhhh: me trying to have a good time in public after opening the “Exam 2: Graded” Canvas notification
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@donsurber Yeah, but this time the Angels aren't even hot.
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RT @javiddrianbanis: Tip for college freshmen: Now that it's cold, it's the perfect time to break out that letterman jacket! Sure you…
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RT @Casimiro: Jogo foi pica, pô. Vascaíno tem que ficar feliz com o empate, óbvio. Jogamos contra o melhor time do Brasil e jogam…
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RT @LawrenceKS_PD: Looking forward to a significant drop in crime correlated with the release of Disney+. Who has time for petty larce…
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RT @KreekCraft: This doesn't sound like the FTC cares about content creators. Time to get these clowns out of office then.
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RT @jantadaflatt: apoiar o time no Maracanã 👎🏾🤒🤕😪😶🤫 encher o saco do trabalhador 😃😁😎😋🤩
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RT @_crfbea: torcida do vasco cantando "time assassino" isso é DESUMANO e falta de respeito com amigos e familiares, falam sobre…
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RT @cullenwitz: Matt Ryan’s 40 time is “eventually”
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RT @eubiasouza: Chora? Ta doidao? Fumou oq? Eu sou lider queridinho, vai tomar conta do teu time que está na beira do abismo.
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História de que? De ser vice pro meu time? Tomou 4 no primeiro jogo, perdeu 2 finais esse ano pro meu time, toma ve…
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RT @INDIEWASHERE: just realised i have to put constant work and effort for long period of time in order to get my life together and c…
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How is she just allowed to do this all the time?
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