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First hangover in a long time and this gremlin really held down the fort today. #partylikeateenager
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RT @hankypankyhaley: don’t text, going offline for awhile... Wayne’s World hat only attracting 40yr old men and not MILFS... need time to think
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RT @TXTOFFlCIAL: moa please stream the mv whenever you have the time, our daily views are decreasing each day, we need to be consist…
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RT @palcheokkitty: Changmin said he stayed at home during their rest time. Chanhee said most of the members caught a cold :(
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RT @RBW_MAMAMOO: [#마마무] 잠시 후 6시에 진행되는 마마무 11th Mini Album [WAW] 발매 기념 팬사인회에서 'Q&A TIME' 을 진행할 예정입니다🙌🏻💚 팬사인회 시작 전 현장에 참석하신 무무 여러…
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@bts_bighit I want you to know that despite anything I will never abandon you, you are everything to me and I ask y…
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RT @lovevictorbra: #LiveVictor fecha o segundo dia no top #1 dos trends e em #3 nas séries mais maratonadas no aplicativo TV Time. 🍃
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RT @BapujiKoRihaKro: No evidence was found against Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu in the investigation of case. POCSO was imposed on Him where…
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RT @cz_binance: A message is still a message, but the technology for transferring it has improved over time. Money is still money,…
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RT @777jorgeivan: call me John cus I ain’t Cena bitch worth my time
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RT @larsaddams: post that makes me laugh every time
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RT @tntdrama: "They will race behind you. They will stumble. They will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun, Kal. In…
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I be fightin my sleep just bc it be feelin good to have some me time and I don’t wanna waste it
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A wise woman once said: "Sometimes a man will pop back into yo life again saying, "long time no talk, btw my wife d…
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RT @swati_gs: Parents of Kerala man Rahman, who said he had kept Sajitha in his room ’secretly’ for 11 years, deny the claim So w…
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Rightly said "You Are The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With!"
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RT @JohnnyBTweakn: 2022 is in 6 months. Don’t let anyone waste your time.
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RT @crystalbaee1: Behind mine please know it’s gon go up every time 😘
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@iservin This is on the new iMac. I set it up with a Time Machine backup from my Mac Mini.
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@Kayd24 Pay attention to thumbnails they use on their sites too, it will show the brother getting struck most of th…
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