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RT @AlbumTalksHQ: TOP RANKING 2020-RELEASED PROJECTS (Apple) #1 — Made in Lagos @wizkidayo #12 — For Broken Ears @temsbaby #17 — Tw…
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RT @doctor_oxford: Please, please don't ignore this. Chemotherapy in Notts is being RATIONED - right now - due to lack of nurses. Tha…
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RT @HairyBabyTees: Holy Zogabongs! It's 34 years TODAY since our fav aliens first appeared on our telly. Were you there? Time to hit t…
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oh is my favorite song of all time now 😭
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@CarolineKin @KellyQuilt It's in our pay packets next week! Just in time to pay higher gas Bill's, then we have Nat…
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RT @butterflyslays: Ik it's not gonna happen But before I die , I just want to wrap you in my arms and kiss you for the Last time ✨
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RT @PreppyTay: Vegas was bool but it’s time to go back 2 LA ✌🏽
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RT @onikasassy: nicki minaj meeting lauryn hill for the first time in 2016
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RT @taurusgoddesss: Currently have my sub bounded with a time lock while he lays on my lap … little does he know I set the timer for almost 3 hours 💀
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RT @paddypower: FULL-TIME: Man United 0-1 West Ham. The home side now free to focus on getting knocked out of more important competitions.
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RT @quay_huncho: I kept it real on my end every time
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Thanks for this wonderful giveaway @CrystlFinance & @polypixelsio ☺️ I hope to be lucky one this time. Tags…
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RT @wtf_guyzz: Hey @rahulvaidya23 Lets make your Birthday huge!♡ This time your birthday will be celebrated in many hearts 💌 You…
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Stop staring at the clock every day. It's time for a new career. Follow us to view jobs with titles like "Driver -…
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RT @MuslimsMatters: Nothing more soothing than spending some time alone and just listening to the verses of the Quran, pondering upon them.
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Now he gone be without a phone and iPad , I pay the Bills on both by myself he gone learn this time around .
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@NoiseComments Tá foda o @CoachBatman_ só sabe fazer esse time joga em treino
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RT @CarsonWeitnauer: This morning I learned that RZIM Connect will be closing in a week's time. The news reminds me of the sadness I fel…
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RT @Zaireesince93: This happen to me for the first time yesterday and I had to ask shorty 3 times wtf she was taking about 💀
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@bigscreenleaks as I said it was a rumor from a long time ago so I don't know much but I remember seeing sth somewh…
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