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RT @GoonerTiliDie19: Unpopular opinions that Arsenal fans are not ready for: Pepe > Saka (at the moment) Martinez > Leno (all the time…
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RT @_caioczr: Está jogando porra nenhuma e segue intocável na porra do time. Rogério Ceni é um frouxo do caralho também, vai pra puta que pariu
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But Fearless is rly about a young person just starting to navigate the new experiences of starting high school, for…
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@Terz_Daddy 🤣🤣🤣 You get!!!! Not the first time they are rubbing people, so as to falsely overrate Messi.
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RT @EmeraldRobinson: It’s time to alert everyone that four Supreme Court Justices actually believe they have the power to regulate praye…
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Shtt first time ko mag entertain ng 17 years old hahahaha..
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RT @crfmarkin: Que falta infantil do Rodrigo Caio. Final, time ganhando, vai puxar a camisa do cara pra que?
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RT @gracelaiyin: "The stars shine on the ground" #FlashStrike on South Korea time 7pm. #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #Apr11Coup
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RT @miracleboi_: In all of Bokuto's relationships, they all expected him to be the big guy. One who protects, courts or even be the…
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RT @rebanhodamm: Comentem aqui Todos os signos Todos os dias da semana Todos os meses TIME PATROAS
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RT @PackagePortal: We are still working through DMs. The blockchain transparently shows that we are constantly processing token txns…
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RT @Timodc: There is this attempt by GOP pols and anti-anti-Trumpers in the media to act as if the Trump/Cruz/Hawley.McCarthy c…
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RT @YOONADDICTcom: It's officially 5000 days since Soshi debut~ Look at how far we've come together ✨ Let's go on for a long long tim…
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RT @YashTrends: Hawaii Led Screen In Associated With Green Media Proudly Presents For The First Time Virtual Production Screen In I…
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RT @jirakitth_c: I’m quite a Funny guy but not all the time and this is not funny. Don’t trying to draw my attention by disrupting m…
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@VivekKola @VivoVK9 Óohh haan sachi me 😂😂🤣🤣me toh kal bhi kr rhi thi but time nhi mila aaj🤣😂🙈🙈😂
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RT @Diana09032450: Tell your friends to tell their neighbors that it's #KOFShow KINGS OF FOOTBALL BUD SHOW WITH OZO time
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RT @BleacherReport: "For the first time in my career in the last three years ... I feel like I am wanted.” Gary Trent Jr. dropped 44 p…
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