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RT @tribelaw: DOJ just announced a crackdown on airline passengers who throw tantrums. Great. So how about a crackdown on folks w…
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@Chief_Bearcat Cant wait till field rat season is over. It's time to get the thermal on a few song dogs.
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RT @thatmorphedbabe: i’m trying to move out of an abusive household & i don’t have enough to sustain me till i get a car & a stable job…
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@TomisinWhyte Tosin I swr I don tire for cut 1..lost all my money.. Cut one everyday.. What can I do... Always very…
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RT @AJRMyPlay: GUYS OSN TICKETS TOMORROW Quick question for the veterans who were able to buy tickets last year are they limited s…
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@rjginnie Dnd is no mans's land. Noida police is responsible till toll booth and Delhi police is active from ashram.
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russell westbrook my scapegoat till further notice
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RT @060Loyal: Niggas around ain’t gone help till it’s big then it’s too late
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RT @MusicThaman: Telugu Lyrics Has Lost it’s Right Hand ✍️ Right from #Kick #Kannethichoodakke till #Discoraja #Nuvvunaatho 🥺 Miss…
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1173/2000 7 more hours till the deadline lmao
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RT @pjmyoongii: an army spotted jin at six flags but no one was aware till jin mentioned it. the army didn’t reveal his location or…
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RT @Gowtham1239000: We have been patiently waiting for more than 20months…We are happy that government considered us for applying repla…
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@_TheeFINISHER 🤞🏾🤞🏾can’t wait till you hear it!
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@tsrtcmdoffice @Raghavendra9996 @KTRTRS @TelanganaCMO @TSRTCHQ Sir, we have heavy no of passengers towards Ghatkesa…
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RT @ihyjuju: y’all tough till you gotta tell your barber you don’t like your cut
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RT @01Btsxarmy: ARMY, WHERE'S YOUR POWER? We still have 8 more days till this voting ends. The number of ARMY voters is really low,…
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RT @tribelaw: DOJ just announced a crackdown on airline passengers who throw tantrums. Great. So how about a crackdown on folks w…
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From years, farmers are demanding MSP. We will fight for our right of MSP. MSP will help farmers to live sustainabl…
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RT @IESramteerath: Basic demands of railway aspirants. 1.IRMS (Group A) was announced 2 years back , till now no Notification.…
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I’m not gonna believe shit till I hear it from Robyn Rihanna Fenty
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