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RT @WesleyLowery: Spike often notes that it's exclusively white people who ask him if Mookie did the right thing by throwing the tras…
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@BrianKarem @realDonaldTrump His thin skin was bruised, the little flower, and now he's throwing a tantrum.
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RT @DangItLee: These losers think they’re the biggest activist and revolutionist when they put “BLM” in their bio and say a few sp…
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RT @SxdfeeI: throwing ass alone in your room is a form of self care >
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@brookelyn187 He's so pretty and pathetic, trying to get at Melanie.. she prob doesn't care, she can buy new makeup…
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RT @whaIeag: @melodicsireens @sunqueenkelcey @bundlebottom Here in my Country (Colombia) cops did that exact same thing when the…
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@ii__amburrenayy and that’s completely understandable. i be too drunk at pools i ain’t throwing shit but shots back
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@edrenyeager Just throwing stuff out you dont need to check all of em, just a nice little list of some great stuff
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RT @TheTchaikovsky: FOCUS OF THE WEEK: This week we focus on Blofeld’s cat throwing an absolute shitfit when the volcano base starts e…
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@LivingPerc @Despair_City @longbeachgriffy Because the Target was planning on giving milk to people who “needed” it…
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UPDATE: A different chipmunk came over and started beating the crap out of the one that just almost drowned with a…
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Know many of you are judging me now because of what I feel and think. Unfortunately the people yelling at and throw…
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tomorrow’s mix with @russelbuck is gonna be SO FUN . also throwing in lots of unreleased goodies and its all sounding so magical ❤️❤️❤️
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RT @WakandaBS_isDis: Nany threw her entire alliance into elimination and wonders why she can't win a challenge... Even a checked out Jen…
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It’s hard throwing away things in my closet... like how do I know if I may need or want to wear something in the future😭
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RT @zeynep: Facebook's own researchers found that “64% of all extremist group joins are due to our recommendation tools" and th…
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@Acyn They should just start throwing eggs at her
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@Acosta Trump should get off Twitter & act like a president rather than a school girl throwing a tantrum, because s…
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Isabel throwing them low as blows
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