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RT @gina_scooter: their ideal situation is probably one where they're small enough and lib dems are big enough that they constantly h…
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RT @NivethaShanker: During Mahathir's 4th PM days, it took 10 years for ROS to register @partisosialis and even then, it was only after…
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RT @MSNBC: Joe Biden is expected to announce that he will create a task force to try to reunite 525 children separated at the…
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I hate a “here you go with that women’s feminist shit” ass nigga... as if women’s rights isn’t spoken upon enough.…
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RT @johnleedumas: Ready to launch your own podcast, but not sure where to start? We'll walk you step-by-step through idea to launch i…
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@JayPealer @ProjectLincoln @LindseyGrahamSC To be fair, the Senate was busy pushing through a supreme court nominat…
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ari and sammy's albums come out tonight and that's really the only thing getting me through
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RT @DrJasonJohnson: Lemme get this straight: The Biden Criminal empire is dumb enough to leave a laptop full of sensitive information a…
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RT @SamuelOtigba: Can’t believe Desmond Elliot came on social media, lied through his teeth for 2 mins, only for “is this you” 1 hour…
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RT @RMac18: This covid explainer is so simple and good it should be required reading for everyone
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Anybody else slept right through Hurricane Katrina last night?
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A welcome update from the EIHA and I don’t envy them sifting through all the rules. The streaming series begs a lo…
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RT @DrJasonJohnson: Lemme get this straight: The Biden Criminal empire is dumb enough to leave a laptop full of sensitive information a…
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RT @overtime: Just absolutely put her through the BLENDER 🌪 (h/t @justwsports) #throwback
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last night’s sunset peeking through the storm clouds
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Whatever sorrows come in our life, they all come on the basis of our Karmas. We have to suffer for our Karmas but t…
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@haaniyah_ oh my god. im so sorry. inshallah you’re mum will pull through. you and your family will be in my dua’s
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I can make it through the rain I can stand up once again on my own And I know that I’m strong enough to mend
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RT @Ronke_z: @___CuriousCat Jokes aside I was angry watching her act that way. In life no one owes you shit, granted she went th…
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You know you’re strong when you smile through silent pain, cry behind closed doors, and fight battles nobody knows about.
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