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@jimpurnell just thought I’d pop along having seen an ex member of staffs tweet. Is there anything you you’ve touch…
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Holy fuck I did not expect that... @beta_mcpe1, I thought you were better than this. :/ The fact that you're 100%…
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OH so yifan really was uncomfortable seeing those stages again i thought i was just seeing things it's a good thing…
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machine girl is basically just what i thought 100 gecs was going to sound like after hearing people talk about how…
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RT @lulrra: Saw this at Walmart and thought it deserved to be on the tl
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@ARISEtv Tinubu, hold that thought there! That place is now a memorial site. Now blood money will be coming to anyo…
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RT @bo_bacey: We’ve all been here. I also thought tough questions were unfair on my 3rd grade math test.
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RT @chronosauru3: 201025 fansign video call with #Changbin I almost kept this part to myself but I thought it might help other stay…
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RT @MakomboreroH: So the ganja smoking, scud gobling and cranko addicts thought they can remove sanctions with a regional passa passa…
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And not just that they thought the performance was good. That’s why when people say “that was an amazing performanc…
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RT @JuliaHB1: I thought we were defunding the police because they were racist? It's so hard to keep up these days. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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@Plaqster @ScottLucian Are you triggered? I get it, there's no point in engaging in discussion with you, you are in…
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RT @mehdizafar: #COVID19 has wreaked havoc everywhere, with devastating results. But spare a thought for #Iranians who face both th…
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RT @Genarium1: @MaryLTrump That was the most odd act I've ever seen from this administration, they probably thought by handing tha…
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RT @lulrra: Saw this at Walmart and thought it deserved to be on the tl
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omg I always saw this emoji 🥟 but thought it was supposed to be tiny not like this
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RT @davidhogg111: I can’t wait to go surfing and never have the thought of President Trump ever cross my mind again.
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When you thought you were number one but you get dropped down 10 levels over night 😿
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RT @lulrra: Saw this at Walmart and thought it deserved to be on the tl
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