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@Taylavish This whole time I thought I was the protagonist turns out I’m the antagonist 🙃
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"Life is but thought." | Sharing Love #love #life #growth #quote #mindset #positivity #nature Winnipeg Landscaping…
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@Mxnasseh AirBnB is very vulnerable esp with CV19 but these loan terms is bad, like terrible... Not sure if I will…
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RT @JK_Glitters: JK: Wow first time, I really didn’t know. I thought they were only doing it yesterday. Ah it’s Euphoria huh....daeb…
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RT @THEEEhottie: So they chased her down, surrounded her car, stomped all over it, sexually assaulted her by slapping her ass, and n…
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@AniaAden @TheDonnieDarko1 I testify this. Once upon a time in my life, I opted for burqa because I thought I would…
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@MlNYOONl Woah you have issues you just got triggered I thought we were having a calm conversation but apparently I…
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RT @tiyajdoyle: i never thought i’d say this, but... i’m SICK & TIRED of being on my phone
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@dumpstercryptid This is an interesting perspective I hadn't thought of before. Retrospectively, I've done this. Wh…
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RT @hijaumewangi: you're so strong for fighting alone in the icu for 11 days and i never thought of losing you today, fighter 😔
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I read the caption & still thought this was a blunt🤦🏽‍♀️
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@Xzeecool So y'all really thought she was into him for real?😂
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I have to relax more on flying now, but I’m happy babe already thought as I did. We gotta go on a date out of town/…
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RT @DonnaMgraduates: Voter Shaming is not gonna work. Many bernie supporters only became Dems because we were energized by the policies…
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@HavenPgh super nice melancholy 90s 'slowcore' type stuff--thought of it cause they use country slide guitar in suc…
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She's Snap I thought I had that one
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I never thought I would be bored enough to finish every single Snapchat story😶
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RT @jclocksmiths: Never thought my daughter would get into boxing like her brother but she's getting there not been going a year yet…
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RT @briannaa_badass: The thought of loving you forever?? Im all in, I love it. 🥰
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RT @kingofmyheartss: I miss January 1st when I thought this year was actually going to be good
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