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RT @CoriBush: Maced hours ago by Florissant Police Dept while trying to stop them from baton beating some women who had fallen to…
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RT @directorC___: I’m thankful to God for the growth I’ve been though bc it’s been big. & I know Gods got more in store for me 🙏🏾
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@ThunderDevil2 It's so catchy, fr though
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RT @ShawnG927: SNOOP DOGG posted a meme on his Instagram page with pictures of black celebrities who are Trump supporters, mocking…
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@amandacarpenter @DevinCow Laugh. It's all you can do at this point. We've crossed the border into the absurd. Get mad in November though!
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@JimArellanes @SGVNSports Sorry if I came off brash. I just take everything seriously. Though my school doesn’t hav…
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@MedranoPayne @nytimes It's a Chinese virus though.
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@WGTA_FPL Bournemouth are still awful though!
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RT @HambDoobies: Ikora teaching Shaxx a lesson, All in good summer fun though ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪🌤🌊 #SolarEmbrace @Tosthage #destiny2
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RT @shafieikeyvan: seriously though, how fucking shameless are these people to have, in the heat of the primaries, endorsed two candid…
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@jstatad @EspoLearns I was able to buy ONE canister of Clorox wipes at Target last week. Pricey, though.
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RT @timesofindia: China is in territorial disputes with over 20 nations India isn't the only country China has territorial disputes…
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@kathygarriott1 @maddow But I’ll play the unsubstantiated news game if you want. This is getting really boring thou…
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also worth noting that right under where i've got that chainlink label? oh yeah, tons of discarded tires and constr…
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RT @FINALLEVEL: I still believe MOST people are good… That may be by a small margin though..
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@OleOutPlease @shinobi602 I don't think they'd acquire them in time to announce something like that. I could be wrong though.
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RT @AnointedMisfit: fr though, have y’all noticed how normal and acceptable it’s become for men to just...lack? lack communication, lac…
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RT @BestDuelistSeto: @pinkpillsx Of course this just gets harder.... I'm only doing this for Mokuba, so don't get a big head or anyth…
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@FPL_JJ Looks solid mate. Considering Saka to Foden myself. Tempted to play Kiko Femenia at home to Norwich though 👀
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RT @neoliberal_dad: @quantian1 @joftius Really though what we need to do is have R track the number of regressions people run and autom…
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