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and hugged him ver tight. He also cried bcs he was very happy for EJ, he's proud of EJ! I just can't believe that t…
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@Ann16Karlee Yeah, it made no sense to present Moms as someone who would be happy about this random white girl with…
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This rude ass person thinks it’s okay to insult women!! Kid Kool what a dick!! Blocking me deeply hurts.😗
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RT @impellizzeri84: Who thinks Micheal Oliver should be removed as REF for the game against arsenal ???? @fa
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It will forever boggle my mind as to why any clothing company thinks it is a good idea to make knickers with a seam…
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RT @TiredElementary: Anyone who thinks children will socially distance at school has never met children.
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@JamessReality He’ll be pushing up daisies from under his no-longer-subsidised-by-the-EU fields. Another senile old…
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@allenskillicorn @BrennaSpencer So @allenskillicorn thinks #BlackLivesMatter supporters are “trolls” and “anti-semi…
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@m_crouton Oh those sweet, floppy ears. Does she come to you to connect or because she thinks you have a treat for her? Just wondering.
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RT @go4itbas: 🇺🇸 #OneNation #UnderOneGod🙏 🇺🇸 #VoteRedToSaveAmerica❤ 🦅#Trump2020 🇺🇸 #KAG NEW INTERVIEW: Pro-Trump Social Media S…
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Mad random but one more person that THINKS they could talk to me the way they can and get away with it yah got me s…
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RT @mxmsworld: Akon thinks Africans in Africa do not have internet to see his fuckshit
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RT @blueheartedly: Who thinks the republican party has been forever ruined by Trump?
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@Kaddsloveslouis I love Liam because he has taught me not to give up and to keep fighting to fulfill my dreams / go…
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@peterboghossian I'm a bit out of the loop on this issue, but knowing nothing specific, I have to express skepticis…
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RT @TiredElementary: Anyone who thinks children will socially distance at school has never met children.
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@mm143mm1 @karthik_thinks @CMOTamilNadu They have alliance with bjp --politics 😷😷
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RT @godblesstoto: Cancel culture doesn't exist and if you say it does, well we'll just have to see what your employer thinks about that.
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@HanamiyaMakohoe Fuckjdjwjdkd I created a naruto twt last month I hope no one thinks I’m from anime Tiktok 😳🤚
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