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RT @Saressaa: I cannot stop thinking about these angel babies. Please remember them and their grieving families in your duaas dur…
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Max y Zoey son endgame y no acepto otra cosa! Y escuchar esta semana a Skylar Astin cantando Thinking out loud ha sido 😍 #ZoeysPlaylist
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RT @zachdcarter: Widespread financial speculation is not the same thing as democracy. This is a bad column that reflects a lot of ba…
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RT @MsHeatherRoseee: I be thinking I got friends.. people really just be around to use !!!!!! Don’t shit be sincere. & I’ll cut off any body idc
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Looking at the final battle of 'Tyranny Of Dragons' and thinking to myself, "It's an interesting set piece but tryi…
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RT @Fact: Secretly thinking you're better than everyone else is good for your mental health, researchers suggest.
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RT @Tochinoshin33: I was thinking this morning. I have never in my life imagined that I would see grown men acting like childish schoo…
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May is Clean Air Month. If you've been thinking about quitting smoking or vaping, there's no time like the present.…
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But you do mean it when you tell me to shut up whenever I interrupt your mind palace thinking sessions
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Now someone, anyone please tell me would any clear thinking adult want to register for some virtual sham show led b…
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RT @RadioFreeTom: I'm thinking it was all the times I couldn't hug my daughter and all the people dying and my wife having to visit a…
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@JasonBermas @CharlieEmmaUK 2/2. They love to tell everyone about it in subtle and even semi direct ways,their inte…
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RT @xorainbowlouis: just thinking about how good louis looked at the 2012 #brits I vote #Louies for #BestFanArmy at the #iHeartAwards
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RT @ann_neona: Heartbreaking😓16 yrs🙏 Please 🚫 Bullying! National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-825 Nacional de Pre…
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@iGNORANTCHiMP Been thinking of you. Hope you all stay safe. Sending love.
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Black men gotta be thinking 64% while they’re having unprotected sex with women they’re not serious with.
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@Davitz11 Yes a Wii game that’s now on a modern day console that happens to be a hybrid portable console. You ever…
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@siteprotagonist im trying to factor in feed bias, but like i dont even know what regular news looks like anymore.…
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Not u guys thinking they r serious 🤦‍♀️
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@StephSutto Like I’m sitting in a lukewarm bath, fingers all shriveled up, thinking I should get out and dry off, b…
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