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RT @bxsarrr: Pigeons probably think we’re extinct
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RT @cjtruth: Why do you think Trump called it the “China virus?” He knows...he always knows
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RT @speedfromtx_: Some girls don’t even be “Crazy!” Some niggas just think they can do what they want & not supposed to get a respons…
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I like to think I'm smart and super intelligent
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@thief1434 depends what you mean by ‘done.’ I think theres a chance this chunk of social distancing could be reduce…
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RT @eternallyixing: yixing on why he went on <I am Singer-Songwriter> @layzhang 💕 yixing: hello everyone, I’m Zhang Yixing, I actually…
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RT @wordstionary: A positive attitude brings much gratitude. Think positive, Be positive, Speak positive and stay positive. Do it every day and do it big.
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RT @7BTSaf: I dont know what you profile pic is or what concept you choosed for april fools but can we all agree to stream thei…
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@rooshv They think you look like shit. I think keep going because I need length.
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@_defsouI I THINK HES GERMAN, our dutch tutors have such good englisch in comparison sgkjh
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@erjmanlasvegas And to think it only takes about 100,000 American deaths to change mind!!
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@MattWalshBlog It's an absurd comparison unless you're analyzing NYC disaster responses. But I don't think that's t…
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@rafkhach @realchoppedliva i think i might be sleepy hoodie kid now
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@MarkTepperSWP I think it’ll be an opportunity, and maybe an obligation, for wealthy individuals and well-capitaliz…
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RT @94fairyosh: I think about this a lot ......
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Computer: ON Webcam: ON Brain: OFF underwear: BLUE 😔 (My favorite colors are pink and teal) What do you think my…
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@realDonaldTrump Are you out of your mind? You still think this is about politics?? People are dying. You still haven't done anything.
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i dont think sucking a drug dealers dick for half an ounce makes you “goofy”
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Which app can i use to order groceries online? I think i saw something earlier
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RT @BridgetPhetasy: I can’t believe I was naive enough to think a global pandemic could bring us together — but boy was I wrong.
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