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i feel so afraid at night i don't think what i did was right
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RT @AngusMacNeilSNP: One would almost think that Brexit was a Scot Gov plan and the Scot Gov have all the answers and the currency creat…
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RT @PapiZwane: Fellas think cat-calling is nothing till it’s time to walk through a large group of girls. Suddenly all the manners come back 😒
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RT @TheChrisWoodard: Communication in a relationship is very important. If one person is putting way more effort into it than the other…
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RT @_Bert28: I'm different at: •Social media •School •Home •Public And you think you know me well? K.
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RT @hwangseungs: when do you think 'i'm glad he's a member'? seungmin: i think i'm glad the maknae is i.n hyunjin: i don't think th…
934 followers     세상 속을 우주 속을 너로 채워갈래 하나둘 세고서 이제 눈을 떠봐 언제라도 흐린 안개 속 빛이 돼줄게 어디라도 잠시 길을 잃어 쉬고 싶을 때 My universe 닿을 듯 말 듯 한 너와 나의 작은 세상 스쳐 가는 순간 속을 뛰어갈게 찰나 그사이에 ── 🦊     Reply Retweet Favorite
@willcarling Think they want us in that corner for that then gives them more control
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Hey @GOP , ready to get rid of the electoral college yet? What will your Magats think when they learn not only is…
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@constan10101 @goodfoodgal Conspiracies? Do you think you are talking to some LWflog who bases arguments on emotion…
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@TerraSirena @CateSpice I think we're in the millions, not that they give a shit.....
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#TO_BTS Though I'm a new ARMY, in the past few months BTS has come to mean a lot. They've given me so much of happ…
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@LFASoccerSchool The effect of the lockdown and current restrictions on the economy, livelihoods and lives, is alre…
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RT @insomnicsy: anyways i think the way dreamcatcher handles malicious comments & sasaengs during their lives are 👌👌👌 ᴡʜʏ sᴘᴇɴᴅ ʏᴏ…
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RT @iamsrk: yes guys do support kkr...and pray. am so tired and sad when we lose...& we have had our fair share i think in the last 2 yrs. now to win...
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RT @delswitc: @ChaoMasterr @firenk_tyrn @_WaNjiiGii @Miss1Alice @Smileycherry2 Bruh i just grounded myself to such i think @mose_louis best fits her
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I think I’m going to die soon
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@auralescent OMG MATT! Now that you are back on Twitter, can I show you my Gravity Falls picture I drew? 🥺 I think you would like it!
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@fatgalguidedate 🤣in what world does that dude think an offer to drag his balls across a woman's face is a good way to say hello!
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Published a new blog entry Automotive Dash Cam Market is Projected to Reach US$XX by the end of 2019 – 2029 - The T…
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@LevParikian I think you could reasonably call a halt at 100
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