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@DreamRedo @ta1k_jp Yeah, it's really handy! I came across it when doing translations of things like otome games/da…
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You are misinformed because he absolutely did not. His footwork was way off and his execution was sloppy. The under…
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RT @nirvana_nidz: Both of them were soo unsure of the love they had, the insecurities and the way things might change outside, the fe…
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RT @sparklighto: Don't kill yourself, beware of sugary things sold on the highway. Only visit recognised stores. Fake Malta Guiness…
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Learning not to address every emotional I feel, some things are better let unsaid.
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@osh_things thank you!!
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RT @ROTRDAE: passionate from miles away , passive with the things you say 💞
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RT @tylxer_: eating out is best used as a tool to try new things to imitate at home. the energy that goes into our food matters…
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RT @melanatedmomma: honestly there are certain friends for certain things. like you gotta know which friends you can travel with and wh…
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@Ca1AFC @ManUtd You keep your shitty things copied and paste everything, assholes
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RT @archives_cha: "AROHA can always rely on ASTRO when things are hard" -Jinjin We still have 2 weeks to go, please don't give up fa…
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RT @muftimenk: Sometimes you won’t understand what’s going on. That’s when you need to trust the Almighty even more. Just leave it…
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I have a special schedule for Ramadan I hope I won’t give up on the things I’m planning to do
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RT @KochiRolland: 5 things that you need to know before you start your battle against Porn and Masturbation. 👇👇👇
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RT @Wizone_Milkkura: "Thanks for everything" is the least I can say to you to show my appreciation for being an inspiration & motivation…
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RT @nishgay: Overpopulation is a eugenicist myth. We have more than enough resources to feed, house, and care for everyone- it's…
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RT @Joiiiie_: THREAD Three most difficult things to do in the world 😮
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RT @akunyakul: pernah gak sih mikir pengen mulai idup dari awal kayak ngerestart game pas we know we messed up just so we could fix things up
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