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Scheduled to go out for groceries next Tuesday. Good thing for popup reminders, since I would have no idea when Tuesday is.
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RT @_natashaanuar: One thing for sure, jangan sombong dengan apa yang kita ada. Money, health, power, career etc. Everything is tempor…
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RT @ithicastone: the heaviest thing i lifted today was my heart
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first thing im doing when i get out of quarantine is getting another ear piercing
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My favorite thing to come out of the last few months of twitter is when a group/family video is posted and niggas c…
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@DWUhlfelderLaw @PattyArquette All media outlets were down playing this, I see Fox doing the same type of videos sh…
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RT @SuppressedSikh: Being a 14 year old and watching KSI videos was the funniest thing ever
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RT @chuckwoolery: Dr. Fauci, we all know now, was a Hilary supporter. He is now the emperor of our economy. I do not trust this man t…
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@JamesEFoster @nickylabour4eva @OwenJones84 Best thing to do is block her. Don't know who she is and don't care. She is a vile no one.
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RT @michaeljackson: “The Black tradition is a tradition of soul, which is a gift of love and joy. Soul is the most precious thing you c…
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RT @kabukijude: @Saweetie How do people not know this? She posts pics of her mom and Wikipedia is a thing oohp
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@naasiastar_ Not a damn thing twin Yk thaaaat
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RT @DilliDurAst: Forget lockdown. Even a small thing like a flash mob event is so poorly planned that it threatens to disrupt nation…
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@bunMaskaa I am the only one who wants it to extend 😭 I want to attend my course which will be impossible to attend…
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RT @mschlapp: Hey @Trevornoah there was a great President who said “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Stop being F…
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RT @RosssEdmonds: WrestleMania is tonight and I’m simply only watching because it’s the closest thing to fights. It’d be really if th…
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@mihlalimqushulu Mish we still need to do the right thing.
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RT @nberlat: the shaun king thing where he goes after a senator who cosponsored the m4a bill shows the problem with targeting pe…
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@JentoInfinity Unplug the thing! Sheesh. Is that kid's mom the mom or the servant?
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RT @BBTheorist: My mom & her siblings, who come from a family of Congress veterans, used to recite this Bhojpuri thing during their…
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