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Mane is going to make a lot of people eat their words this season. One thing you should be excited about is a Sadio…
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RT @KillahKey69: One thing about me is, I hate hearing my own voice in videos 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
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is there a such thing as too much perfume?
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RT @DieselSantanaGG: One thing bout me, ima laugh in a serious situation 😭
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Once one thing goes bad it’s a spiral effect
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@RedDevils_Hit @AFCMax9 That is the thing switch sancho and Grealish and see. Halland is a finisher you can’t compare him to Watkins.
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@FarazHasannn Fragging in a game that you're winning comfortably isn't what makes you S tier. Fragging in a game wh…
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I love how everytime mr beast does some Minecraft money challenge thing and hops into the call with the contestents…
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@SpectreHimself yes we do, people literally move to 0 ping houses on NAE we just dont call it a "bootcamp" it is the same thing.
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@misterKeducate Yeah, I completely agree. A painting is one thing, but to see something on such scale just leaves me in awe.
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I do not want to promote your brand I won't be a rep on Instagram I won't promote you on my feed My grid is not the…
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RT @Tim_JR_Hill: Old tablet went phut. I bought a new one. After logging on, the first thing I was asked was whether to restore it a…
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paste the last thing you copied moas!!
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@chocochipgguk omg wait my cousin said the exact same thing i-
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RT @Connor_J_Hughes: The names are on his mirror in black ink. The first thing Elijah Moore sees each morning, last before falling aslee…
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RT @a__vanita: This thing some of you do isn’t fair. You will make an order, the rider will call and call you won’t pick, I’ll als…
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RT @EdwardGLuce: "There’s no such thing as herd immunity in one country. Western democracies are nevertheless acting as though domes…
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+ thing + new
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RT @snide_sally: The thing MAGA doesn’t tell you about their “thin blue line” flag is that on that thin blue line, in tiny print, it…
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