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RT @carryonkeith: A prime example of the importance of words. A 'boost' is usually a good thing. This is not. It might have been de…
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@c_lauddd haha they took em back
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i- he's just a college student he can't keep up with all individual members achievements, it's not like they're a c…
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@PhindiMak Would be nice if they made money one of these.
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RT @AdamMeakins: Good honest debate, discussion, and disagreement is becoming a thing of the past these days! Because as soon as so…
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RT @sarahcpr: If they want to ban TikTok cuz it’s owned by China shouldn’t they ban Trump since he’s owned by Russia
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RT @Natcromancer: “I was so worried that my friend wasn’t getting food or treated decently that I cried when they refused to let me s…
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RT @ittwtsociety: society when they give stanley barber a male love interest in season 2
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RT @_aidielfahmie: ada orang pernah pesan kt aku, time kerja jgn tunjuk boleh sgt nanti kena guna even dgn rakan sekerja. buat part ki…
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y’all they gonna look and smile at other ppl that aint me i cant breathe y’all i’m shakinfkvjx…
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RT @jollywandering: @laurenthehough I sanitize my parents’ Facebook account regularly. I go DEEP into the settings and really mess with…
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RT @snowycats: @_clarewatts @jchimselfbigpo2 Conservative media like Murdoch & 3AW in Melbourne just do anything to defend Morriso…
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RT @TheRainBro: It still baffles me how some celebrities think it's enough that they post a lifted art card, caption it with heart…
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RT @charts_k: Smeraldo flower shop posted again! 🙀 It's the exact same post that they posted in 2017 and 2018, except this time…
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People apologizes on their wrong doing In the name of not repeatin wat they do, But some people of nowadays make i…
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RT @Fact: Remember when people had diaries and got mad when someone read them? Now they put everything online and get mad when people don't.
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RT @suumiko__: the fawn and chameleon🌸✨ i thought they’d be cute drawn together (〃ω〃) #Lillia #Neeko #ArtofLegends
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RT @LordRennard: When the Nazis invaded countries in WW2, they seized canvass records & membership lists from the political parties…
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RT @art_annu: They look for the bloodlines and with the tests, it's easy. Many get tested for fear of the virus.
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