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RT @GoalNews: Man Utd have confirmed that they're set to sign Varane 🔜
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I was wondering where my fave HF moots went ☹️ they’re either suspended or deactivated wtf
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Great, I've now entered the part of ranked where teammates think they're justified in afking instead of trying to f…
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RT @MrsBundrige: Maybe the child can’t keep their room clean because they’re depressed. Let me know when y’all are ready to talk.
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people who hit other people just because they're pissed or can not control their anger are bottom tier people.
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RT @RepAdamSchiff: I was on the floor as the Capitol was under siege. I was evacuated by police, along with my House colleagues, staf…
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RT @atrupar: Sgt. Gonell: "My sense of duty for the country, for the constitution, at that time was bigger than even my love for…
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wait a second wasn't Ran tellin' me that she voted for Roselia because they're better than RAS??? Why is she now sayin' she hates 'em???
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@SonyLegacyUK Bad Boys. Funny title, it's a Wham! track @GeorgeMichael always liked less but they're not bad.…
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RT @lebo_bokako1: Men are so cute when they're openly and unapologetically in love with you.
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RT @GAlNAX: yes cumplane are destined for each other. yes they hate each other. yes theyre in love. yes theyre married to other…
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RT @JayCaruso: Could they have worse messaging? "You're vaccinated but you need to wear a mask to protect your loved ones."
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erm long covid??? sorry but as someone with ME post viral illnesses aren’t a joke or something trivial, they’re lif…
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.@conangray would you like to try this?? they’re called empanadas
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@mcburls Well, on a day when we're having to relive the awfulness of January 6, this makes me smile more than a lit…
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@RepSwalwell They’re going to keep pushing this BS, but it’s not working.
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@reddfishie I have a few humanoids, they still have some animal parts to them so idk if they're exactly what you're…
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RT @rarexosouvenir: that fandom saying that they’re not a justin stan just because they’re calling them out 😭
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RT @thrillticket: Trumps hands aren't dirty.....they're bloodied. #TrumpIsTheHitman
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@tbahsamwin literally like they’re just saying things ?? the replies were calling saileen “rushed” .....
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