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With the hit to the head, why was Clarkson’s #14 back on the ice? Shouldn’t there have been concussion protocol? #mtuhky #followthehuskies
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RT @robreiner: Greta Thunberg is a passionate caring champion for the survival of our planet. Donald Trump is a Soulless Pathologi…
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Jisung talking about depression 💜 “You don't know what happiness is if there's only light so depression needs at le…
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RT @mkhoops: Here’s what we learned from Paxson’s quotes: Nothing Boylen isn’t going anywhere — we knew that. There was no hin…
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RT @PeterXinping: How Are You Guys Not Tired Of Superhero Movies There’s Like Fucking 8 Of Them A Year.
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@dinnenotdinner Could be but there's settings on Twitch to not allow raids. So if you've left that open and you're…
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@robnmccormack No, nothing contagious. I don't have a cold, but if there's cold weather, I take green tea and maybe Zyrtec for allergies.
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RT @OnexOne76: @Macnessie @goanabootbiddy @BBCNews @theSNP It's been going on since Friday, it's a sign there frightened.
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I’m all for it as long it’s there is a plan
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Chan asking Stays to never hurt themselves and he’s always there if we need him 💕
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@p_jiminie_2 @WickedVante I’ve seen his dancing and there’s like flips and shit involved. I can nae
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RT @ahaamustafa: hey guys, can you please sign this petition, it’s to bring attention to what’s happening to the uyghur muslims in c…
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Watched the live action Aladdin. It's pretty cool! The movie gets a lot of inspiration from Bollywood, which I like…
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RT @mariestakis: there are some selenators that dont like a sweeter place... literally tasteless. i can already tell it’s one of her…
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RT @airandspace: Today in 1903, the 1903 Wright Flyer made a brief, 3.5-second first flight attempt. The Flyer's performance inspire…
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@astaroska @chasinghumility @sagacious_scamp @seanagnew @RickSheridan @RobGKing87 And there’s no disputing B1G > SEC in basketball
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@realDonaldTrump @FoxNews Commiecast? That’s new huh? Bad but fresh stuff at least. Now get in there and do some presidentin’.
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RT @FayyanFreaks: i don't have a lot of friends, i just know a lot of people. there's a big difference.
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RT @THeinrich22: OMG 😱 #BadAssBarr says it😲 Hey Jerry, Adam & Nance, have a listen to bad a$$ Billy down there👇🏻 These things take…
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@Alyssa_Milano There will be many many more this impeachment is a sham and once you read it you understand it’s a h…
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