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okay, with all this BAYC's getting sold for what they USED to be listed at insanity happening on OpenSea.. is there…
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RT @The_Lefty1945: For the first time in a long while, there’s a meaningful voice of the working class that you can vote for. Cut th…
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RT @Thehitmonliam: There's 18 months between these 2 pics. Really proud of the progress I've made with my weight loss.
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RT @Thehitmonliam: There's 18 months between these 2 pics. Really proud of the progress I've made with my weight loss.
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RT @freedomrideblog: So Biden’s incompetent Ukraine policy is pissing off the Ukrainians. Evacuating embassy families called “premature.…
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RT @alienufoblog: Are crop circles real? And if so, who (or what) creates them? Many are hoaxes, but there are lots of other theories…
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RT @JisooActress: Shipping aside but Haesoo's friendship is really something else. It's nice to see Jisoo having a sunbae and friend…
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RT @LemSip27: If we get this new variant there will be no way that this government would ever consider putting back any sort of s…
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I wonder where this living spell book came from. There's multiple smaller spells that work, so it's safe to assume…
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RT @Archit9205: There's all kinds of reasons that you fall in love with one person rather than another: Timing is important. Proxim…
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“There is no sport without Hickory.” @KylePetty offers some insight on the region's small-town racing tracks, where…
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RT @theearthyvirgo: Virgos be there for you first because we know what it’s like being misunderstood.
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RT @fiestaptg: 🐿 the songs shinwon writes, there’s always a ‘name tag’(*meaning it’s distinct). just hearing it i know it’s shinwon
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@NotYourWinger Ridiculous. There's two parties to a transfer negotiation. Who else has signed players yet? It isn't…
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Y’all can focus during 69?! Like if he’s doing something right I’m just laying there with dick in my mouth.
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So Adidas SA are selling NYCFC jerseys and it’s probably the first time that there’s been an MLS jersey on sale locally
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#minjoon Don't wanna break it up but, there's no other way You're not the only one who's hurting Or who's findi…
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RT @marceelias: "76 percent of Americans — including 7 in 10 Democrats, Republicans and independents — believe there is a threat to…
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@puddin2001 Sin 😩 I imagine There’s gonna be lots of families isolating and sick in the next couple of weeks here too.
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RT @JackPosobiec: There’s a reason the Biden Admin hasn’t even suggested flying to Reykjavik to have a sitdown with Russia They want conflict
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