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RT @BenWoodfinden: You can be broadly understanding of the necessity of some of the covid restrictions we've had to ensure the last ye…
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RT @notesonwisdom: I was very excited and interested as a background dancer or as a theatre actor or when I was working on TV, or even…
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RT @PK_Addicts: When the Whole Theatre Electrifies with the POWER Mania 💥 @PawanKalyan
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Tony Award winning Broadway producer Stewart Lane and musical theatre performer @lilylibrachthis Saturday on…
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RT @CllrBattley: ANNOUNCEMENT: Owing to a double-booking tomorrow's performance by the Bolshoi Ballet of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake wil…
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RT @BayoAdedosu: Theatre of the Absurd...Part 2 by @iyaboawokoya A society with twisted history and sense of false self importance…
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RT @jennycohn1: Before the Big Lie most experts agreed that US election audits are mostly theatre. I interviewed America’s foremost…
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getting intense flashbacks to when i got weird looks in the theatre for laughing at this . it’s not MY fault he’s a…
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i remember laughing so hard in the theatre with my friends
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Again...Gaston's parents will be killed by the Beast's parents outside of the Gotham Theatre.
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I Almost Forgot🤦🏾Check this Out!! Black Dude said The Amish Have They Own Entertainment Arts😳I was Like ShutYo Mout…
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A huge congratulations to Jonathan Biggins on being awarded OAM: Medal of the Order of Australia for service to the…
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RT @AROTTA_Raj_Org: #Operation_theatre_technologist_cader
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RT @Avalldar: things that Leo degrees (5-17-29) can point to other things than fame : performance (theatre, festivals..), art te…
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Wow I’m at a movie theatre this doesn’t feel real :,)
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@PartyPaulG1992 If I’d seen it in the theatre, I’d have probably hid under the seat!!
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RT @kyra_gillespie: Warrnambool's inaugural Storytelling Festival kicks off this weekend with a special launch event at the Lighthouse…
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#MidWinterSecretSanta Hints: reading, baking, British everything, brunch, gardening, hiking, rock painting, snacks, geocaching, theatre.
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@fatimairrfan @CherieDamour_ I prefer to go to movie theatre alone
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RT @niki_naughty: Have u ever watched movie alone in theatre without anyone accompanying you ???
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