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@Drew__Barnes My understanding is that our federal income tax is used toward providing access to services in health…
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@Nash__Black That’s fine. But it depends on the position. I’ve seen Souness who is the best DM I’ve ever seen, Dalg…
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@roymunson1971 @Drew__Barnes Lol wrong. Kenney was integral to the last equations. Kenney and drew are misleading y…
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Chance for Burnley as Barnes, on the turn, fires wide. They have a free kick in a good position now #MCFC
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64 Another loud blast from Wayne Barnes and the medics are on very quickly for a Waps player. 23-22 #WASvEXE
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As if Perez gets the shout over Lookman and Barnes
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RT @artpissarro: In the Woods, 1864 #realism #pissarro
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RT @tswiftdata13: Lover has officially surpassed 100 weeks on the UK Albums Chart 🇬🇧 It is her 2nd album to do so 💕
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Watch "Jason Whitlock & Kwame Brown ‘Bief’ With All The Smoke Matt Barnes (Becky) & Stephen Jackson(CB4)" on YouTube
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Lookman, barnes, daka on the bench and we’re bringing that fucking clown Perez on 😩😩😩 We’ve played so well, don’t ruin it ffs
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What is the deal with this book!!?? I started with a cheap mass market pb and there were so many typos i bought a d…
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barnes and lookman are right there ahaha and he brings on perez what the fuck
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Lookman and Barnes on the bench but of course let’s bring on Perez
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RT @GSLLC: Just picked up my copy at the local Barnes & Noble. #DnD #ADnD #RPG
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RT @tara_chara: dc will do shit like this to bring in the under 25s and still get outsold by a one-shot manga called "What?! My Lit…
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RT @LaralvsBucky: Bucky Barnes, The Winter Soldier, Sebastian Stan
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RT @LaralvsBucky: Bucky Barnes, The Winter Soldier, Sebastian Stan
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RT @Rainesford: I did an interview with an 8-year-old and when I asked him if there was anything I missed or that he'd like to talk…
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#latestnews Scottie Barnes will be the greatest player to play any sport EVER - (POST_EXCERPT}
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RT @doctor_oxford: Breaking / Every single ambulance service in the country is now on black alert. Paramedics report up to 20 ambulan…
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