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I deleted my entire iMessage thread that’s how done i am with people😭😭
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@Jupiter_Writing True that is. Forward has become my favorite direction.
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@gagynek tak prý je můj moravský přízvuk neskutečně eminentí. Take that Bratislavčani 😪 #miluju skončils ghostwriter
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RT @indomyfess: -idm This is ARMY in Korea. Retweet me. I'll find you.😭💜💜💜 ( That's the Korean!)
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RT @Iwtsdior: fuck everyone who doesnt make this app a safe place. if your account is a safe place for absolutley everyone then r…
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RT @abhijeet_dipke: Shouldn't have said that.
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i feel that this pandemic is destroying the rest of my sanity.
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RT @muftimenk: Don’t let sadness consume you. What's this life but a mixture of sad & happy moments. Nothing lasts. That’s how it…
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RT @itsJeffTiedrich: am I understanding this correctly? covid-19 is so deadly that Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen had to be released fr…
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is that we will always have more that unites than divides us. And if we treat each other with respect and compassio…
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RT @cctvidiots: The solution to a problem that doesn’t really exist 😂
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RT @Amazing10030: Russian photographer Andrey Pavlov takes the most mind-blowing macro photographs of ants that you will ever see.
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RT @almostfuckingdo: it is so scary that the police are giving up on Naya Rivera and the only reason we know about it is because she’s a…
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RT @chartsblackpink: .@BLACKPINK’s ‘How You Like That’ is the only group song to reach #1 on Gaon Streaming Chart this year.
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Also, just in case anyone reads this and doesn't know...this is the Children's Minister that posted this.
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RT @DaysofPalestine: Imagine that you live under occupation and you are threatened to die in any second, and the world does nothing, as…
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generator, inverter for the tower when the electricity goes off so that we have our Airtel network available 24 hou…
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RT @LBilderberg: You named that tune in one Nigel 💥 @pritipatel Its time to #SackCressidaDick
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RT @FifiAdexo: If this was girls the friendship is ending that day
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