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@GeorgeTakei Sorry George, but he was a criminal thug and he may have had a big heart but that heart died because of drugs.
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RT @da13thsun: I Always Emphasize that I AM NOT BETTER THAN ANYONE & I Gave away everything to face Hardship & Gain IVRY TH-ing as…
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RT @DeanObeidallah: There's some truth to Eric Cantor saying today that Barack Obama was the cause of the GOP becoming more crazy. But…
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RT @__PoshDoll: I want a nigga that makes me want to be submissive & sweet. Not crazy & mean.
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RT @externaljew: Women have been deprived of pockets for so long that they’ve evolved to this level of grip strength
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@Gee2TheAitch Surely an advisor must’ve told him not to do that.
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RT @JesseBWatters: The Democratic Party is a monopoly that needs to be busted up. #TheFive
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RT @JaromeBellVA: The best way to end racism is to earn the respect of those who hate you. BLM is doing the exact opposite of that.
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That guy must get them for you😤
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RT @etanthomas36: It’s not being Black that’s exhausting. It’s white supremacy, systemic racism, 2nd class citizens, 3/5th of a human…
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Love that for you
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I was in my dentist chair today getting a filling lol and I was just thinking how safe I feel with her and she’s a…
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RT @CFC_Jacck: Welcome back to the Disney channel I’m Addison Rae and that’s Charlie D’Amelio and we are you commentators for this…
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@IAMSAFAREE So are you sending money to Chicago organizations that have been doing the work or are you just talking?
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RT @DEEPAKMRAGWANI6: I fainted while working in 2018. Doctors said that the right part of the body is not working due to paralysis attac…
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RT @FabrizioRomano: PSG president Nasser Al Khelaifi against the #SuperLeague: “We will continue working with UEFA. PSG have the firm b…
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We, as fans, demand better promotion for XIUMIN from @SMTOWNGLOBAL @weareoneEXO It is evident that SM isn't promot…
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@5ReasonsSports This isn’t even close, you play the guy that is more worried about being good at basketball, not being a celebrity
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@wjxt4 You’re telling me that China the place of the virus is as safe as Greenland who has a cold harsh environment…
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RT @ronanburtenshaw: "The logic in the world at the moment, and football is not outside of this, is that the rich get rich at the expens…
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