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RT @rsydanz: Aku rasa perempuan yang dapat bf yang sayangkan dia gila gila, treat she like a princess. Please appreciate and sta…
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@jep_ajeponcrack that's so cheesy but sure, I'll take that. (´∩ ᵕ ∩`)
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RT @Lrihendry: Anyone else notice the only economy in the world that’s still open right now is China, where this whole thing started. 🤔
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RT @kwailewis: @aaichatou1 It's actually a good sign. If u get it easy, it means alotta niggas been there and done that. I WAIT!!
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RT @alanferrier: Your occasional reminder that last year Dominic Raab resigned in protest at a deal he himself negotiated then voted…
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RT @whoisaddison: you’re not everyone’s type and that’s okay
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RT @SaketGokhale: Modi ji - when he said “retaliation”, he wasn’t gonna cancel your US visa. 🤦🏻‍♂️ It’s a matter of incredible shame…
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RT @Aabhas24: Hmm. So al-Khwārizmī wrote about India that would cone in future & not the one in past when he wrote his books? W…
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RT @AmieShort: Some positivity today: Koalas are returning to the wild after the Australian bushfires and if that’s not something…
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RT @SDP_FANUNION: ONE ITS! Let’s play THIS OR THAT! We will give you scenarios and then you pick one, okay? Reply your answer togethe…
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RT @MakrandParanspe: In @narendramodi's fight against #COVID19, 'He has used scientific methods, deployed technology in a big way & made…
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RT @de1234en: Now that Labour's shadow cabinet is starting to take shape would you now vote for them. Please re-tweet.
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RT @DrAnwarFazal: 6.4.2020 If you have to take a few steps back, that’s OK. Things are changing a lot right now. Just please be kind to yourself.
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RT @JoeNBC: Trump’s claim that he imposed the first China “ban” is a lie. 38 other countries did before him or at the same tim…
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RT @taypically: Tay knew that tomorrow is New's turn to do live & he said he'd definitely watch him.. And after all, he's the sun w…
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RT @Ken_Kneeeeeeeee: This proof that your girl be messing with you just to do it 😂
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If you listen, you'll note that they highlight the fact that numbers are going down in France, that it's stabilizin…
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10 years from now, that’s all i can say
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RT @RachealBakunzi: i like my family so much but it is my friends that i wanted to be quarantined with.😭
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RT @BeksHolmes: The suspect case at Mgbuoshimini/Agip, is a young man that came back from Malaysia recently. Officials of NCDC came…
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