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@haleswlsn Oof thankful I’m not there 😬 praying for the person who is about to feel the full effect of your wrath 😂
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I'm actually thankful for the plot twist in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity #NintendoSwitch #Gaymer
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And yet @mbuhari supported and campaigned for @GovUmarGanduje Nigeria will rise from this lot! We cannot go on like…
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RT @JacksonWallace6: After great conversations with @CoachDunny, I am thankful to have earned an Ivy League offer from Brown University!
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@Conservatives .he is doing as best as he could for you - be thankful!!
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RT @Miralem_Pjanic: Il destino sa essere così sfacciato da metterti subito di fronte a ciò che ti sei appena messo alle spalle ❤️ È sta…
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@ottawahealth @VeraEtches Thankful our little one was covid-negative. Please spare others house-hold isolation, far reaching..
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RT @BellasflairK2: Just a appreciation tweet for my girls, i'm so thankful for each of you, thank you for being so sweet and caring wi…
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Hi friends! Today is my LAST front page day! What a ride it’s been... I’m so thankful! See you at 6pm EST✨
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I am lying here thinking of you as I am about to drift off and I am so thankful to have you in my life as my sweeth…
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@CooperKupp #ThankfulThursdays Very thankful to the men and women that protected my home from the #BlueRidgeFire th…
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@jenn_nnnnnnnn Thankful they are so supportive of one another! I can’t imagine them not being friends!
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@Sadangel13 @DeAnna4Congress He cares enough to sell out America to China! I’m so thankful he ripped them off milli…
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RT @CPW_NE: Some muddy trail closures are in effect at Lory State Park (see more at link below), but we sure are thankful for t…
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RT @LisaInTheNow: I am thankful for all of those who said NO to me. Its because of them I’m doing it myself. – Albert Einstein #quote
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@Killafoe1 ive seen people talk about how "its too similar to naruto so its bad" but naruto and kurama werent compa…
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RT @OneInAnARMY: #To_BTS As we find ways to give back the 💜 we have received through your music, we often come back to the moments t…
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@DanRather Just one of the many grateful readers so enjoying “What Unites Us”. Thankful for some positive and hopeful thoughts.
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RT @BlessedMonk_: Don't be afraid of your past; it has no power over you except what you give it. Be thankful for all you have learne…
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RT @thekhayalan15: Have you ever take a moment & think about all the things, people in your life and feeling so grateful for each one…
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