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RT @theoverview_: #ArtProject2020 will be the Vancouver Biennale’s first display of tokenized art, which is powered by blockchain tec…
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RT @the_real_gracey: Tony: A-HA! Tony: I am a master of technology! Tony: It BOWS to me! (Some time later) Tony: I am no longer the mast…
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Random link from the archives: "Russia wants to cut itself off from the global internet. Here’s what that really me…
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RT @nikolamotor: A technology-agnostic view of the approach Nikola is taking towards a zero-emissions future. #EmissionsGameOver…
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RT @DIEBO37: Machine learning to Identify New TB Drugs. #MachineLearning #Biotechnology #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #𝒟𝒾𝑒𝒷𝒪37…
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A shadowy AI service has transformed thousands of women’s photos into fake nudes: ‘Make fantasy a reality’
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RT @Omkar_Raii: The findings of survey on ‘Suitability of Machine Learning’ accentuate how #AI is critical for boosting productivit…
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RT @CasualLaw: I am sorry to inform everyone that the era of "If you don't take any nudes there will not be any nudes" is over and…
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RT @washingtonpost: Threatening emails to Democratic voters spark investigations in Florida and Alaska
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RT @AlanYuhas: across thousands of years, continents, cultures and with every technology available, people just doodling cats
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RT @AnnaAtTheSummit: FOR ANYONE CONFUSED...Also, you can RT without comment. Just leave it blank and hit RT.
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RT @consumeraction: How does Google’s monopoly hurt you? Try these searches. "It can act like a bad personal shopper who organizes your…
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അമേരിക്കയില്‍ ഗൂഗിളിന് കുരുക്ക് മുറുകുന്നു; പുതിയ കേസ് ഇങ്ങനെ #Google #googlecase #USA
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RT @RepDougCollins: Get ready, @Twitter. You’re next.
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DISH Selects Hansen's Catalog-driven Software Solutions to Support its Open RAN 5G Network
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RT @TomColetti: if you like trains & want to support my work without having to buy a big commission piece, I'm raising funds for th…
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RT @AartiTikoo: BREAKING @ians_india: India and Taiwan likely to have formal talks on a trade deal. This is big. The Modi governmen…
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@AyoMusaobi @renoomokri @jack @buhari Nigerian youth are too scientifically advance than the old fools and cabals…
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