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@rollbamaroll The state of Tennessee has 2 SEC and 3 P5 teams my man. You must know little about sports.
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Both teams doing whatever they can to let their quarterback down
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Both teams are imploding
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Defense's of both teams stepped up
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@BwcDeals Yes, just sent request for my teams list has the code...not sure how I forgot to get one for my list 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
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RT @novioliii: hi i'm a homeless trans woman trying to raise money to finally have a home i can feel safe and secure in. please do…
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@krejcci Just know if I ever insult Boston fans or their teams I’m never insulting you personally lol you seem like…
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@M_Cannon313 @vali36 @WillBrinson I think they’ll see a QB with 2-6 good yrs left who had his best years wasted. Go…
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All grades are posted and skills test feedback is on the rubric on Teams!
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Brady has the worst arm ever he just has the most stacked teams all the time🤔
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RT @BarnsleyCouncil: As the temperature drops in Barnsley, our gritting teams will be heading out across the borough. Visit…
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I don't see how either of these teams are going to beat the Bills/Chiefs
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RT @Crunchyroll: NEWS: Final Fantasy XV Director Teams Up with All Nippon Airways to Provide Virtual Travel Experiences ✨ More:…
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Silly stat. Stafford was one for 25 against winning teams on the road. He was zero for three in playoff games. That…
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RT @MrAWGordon_: Have put together a guide to a number of different online websites and apps that staff members, who become more con…
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RT @TXIHYPEXS: It’s with great pride that I announce I am a new director of TXI as an all platform community we really look to str…
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@benholdenpxp I agree with you 100% about what you think about being committed instead of just jumping teams when y…
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RT @FreewaysLA: 1967-Nov-18 - Looking NW over Harbor Fwy (then CA-11, now I-110) at Santa Barbara Ave (now MLK Jr Blvd); Figueroa S…
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Both teams are trying their best to give this one away 😂 #TBvsGB
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