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RT @MSF_USA: India is facing a surging second wave of COVID-19. Our teams have resumed our emergency response to help with COVID…
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Good teams get contributions from the whole roster #LFGM
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@mathewjdp The final four teams get reseeded so it kinda messes with the brackets
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Suchitra Ella of Bharat Biotech says she and her teams Quite disheartened to hear Some states complaining about the…
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RT @SuchitraElla: Covaxin dispatched 10/5/21.18 states have been covered thou in smaller shipments. Quite disheartening to the teams…
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@501ROCKET 100% obvious Compare these two teams benches
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@TheRealTebow3 And the other two times Doc-coached teams choked a 3-1 lead? Any more excuses?
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I’m not gonna be a Celtics fan next season, any nba teams want me
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@Power_T_Tape One of the most fun games I ever attended was when Brennan came to Ruston. Dooley and Tech took Hawai…
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Doc 🤝 Vogal Playing the teams worst player for absolutely no reason
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These all depend on the teams youre on but themes are common.
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@paul_boye Lowest ranked of all teams that don't call Coors Field their home.
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RT @Erinsifer: Hey guys, I made a little fundraiser to help me get a cheap PC to get me through the next month or so.. if you can…
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2.2 Billion! That’s the apparent expansion fee the @MLB is asking for new teams. Yet these teams still require the…
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RT @coachtatefhs20: Meet the 2️⃣🎾2️⃣1️⃣ DISTRICT CHAMPIONS! The Farragut High School Boys and Girls Tennis Teams 🥇🎾 Congratulations to…
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@bongkongcho somewhat related but heres a frog hat image i made to spam one of my favorite teams with smh frog hat…
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@DameDeadAF It’s like he tries to prove he can make threes when teams do this like bruh just go to the rack or shoot the midrange
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RT @Josh_Ernest: @CyBindi With 2 strikes, everybody shifts back with 2 strikes, you rarely see teams stay shifted with 2 strikes, Ma…
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Championship teams have guys like maziekkkaaaa on the team all the time. Love that #lgm
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