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RT @franklinleonard: Weird coincidence. This must be a different Tom Cotton than the one who just tried to ban teaching the 1619 Project…
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RT @ParkerMolloy: He literally just introduced a bill that would ban the teaching of the 1619 Project in schools. But sure.
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RT @kaseyurquidez: First day of school evening walk. Alberto started year 26 of teaching (‼️) and Tonio started his junior year at…
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What I learned teaching online summer school.
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RT @patcondell: There are no trans women or trans men. Transgender is a fashionable neurosis and an aggressive minority freak show…
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@poetickate I love watching you learn, and teaching me how in the process!
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RT @usembislamabad: Are you facing difficulties teaching English remotely to your students? Do you want to connect with a mentor virtua…
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RT @TheRealPalMal: Duolingo is teaching me the important phrases.
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@Mitch_Picks This is teaching me patience. Patience I should have had when I was in good plays but backed out too s…
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@wfaa When schools pay us for teaching our children at home then they can put out a dress code.
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RT @I_A_N_G_E_L_O: @dailyguardianph You call yourselves 'holy' while discriminating people based on their gender identity. You're teac…
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@50man50bearpig @TomCottonAR For those who argue that a family shouldn't have to to "correct" a state curriculum th…
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I told my dad I was teaching kindergarten & he said what grade ... sir
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@ArchRose90 I presumed @OwenJones84 was there to learn, as a pupil. Shurely There’s shone mishtake if he’s teaching 🤪
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RT @franklinleonard: Weird coincidence. This must be a different Tom Cotton than the one who just tried to ban teaching the 1619 Project…
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due to personal reasons (my knee injury) i will be teaching my 13 year old dog how to longboard
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Myth-conceptions: How myths about the brain are hampering teaching #brain
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@DRosvally I'm teaching entirely online, 3 classes asynchronous, 2 largely synchronous. How do we feel about attend…
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Exactly, what Dems done for you? Every election they beg reelect us, we'll get it done this time for you. What h…
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