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On Teachers’ Day (in Mexico) it is a special day to thank all of our former professors who have shapes us academica…
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RT @MsAvaArmstrong: if public school teachers refuse to work fire them.
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RT @ChristCrossArt: Another example of the “fine” unionized teachers and their corrupt union. @NEAToday @AFTunion
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Two St. Paul Lutheran School preschool teachers will hit the roof on Tuesday to raise money for a new feature for t…
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RT @janaunplgd: Marj Greene is the loud, racist girl at school who’s like 16 in the 7th grade and all the teachers pass just to get…
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RT @NKVoiceworks: Back to choir! @myvocalbootcamp online 3pm. Singers can join for help with recovering vocal range and stamina. Fun…
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Ist Jesus Christ bro omk life I used to go the assistant principal and asked to be put in ae cause the teachers gon…
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RT @MurariKr07: @AdvMamtaSharma #cancelclass12thboardexams2021 #CANCELBOARDEXAM When majority of Students,Teachers,Experts,Parents…
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武藤「いますっごく余計なこと思いついた!」 小泉「よし黙ってろ」
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Monywa's locals, Gen Alpha students and teachers bravely marched a protest against dictatorship and it's slavery ed…
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RT @MsAvaArmstrong: if public school teachers refuse to work fire them.
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MOHNYIN, Kachin State: MAL-led SAC Terrorist Group suspended 914 School teachers in Mohnyin for participating in…
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RT @AbhayPage: @WBhagwanro @samant_uday @mucta_teachers @vnarawade_17 सर्व कॉलेज ची कामे सुरळीत चालू असताना आंदोलन चालू आहे ।।।
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Total of 530 State schools headmasters from at least 35 townships of Sagaing, are forced suspended by SAC as teache…
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RT @NicholasFerroni: If any teachers needed some inspiration, here’s Emily Hampshire of @SchittsCreek sharing how an educator changed he…
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RT @KavitaS04861091: We are demanding for teachers joining #REET2018_JOINING_DO @ashokgehlot51 @GovindDotasra @SachinPilot @Rajendra4BJP
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RT @teachergoals: A few tangible things we should do for teachers going into next year: 1. A substantial raise 2. Reimburse any pers…
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RT @the_FIXER06: Highschool teachers: The boy was found with a sword The sword:😂
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RT @SaintPatrickHS: On this day in 1950, Saint John Baptist de La Salle was named Patron Saint of Teachers. Following yesterday’s Found…
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