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To all the people who have given me a tampon or pad in my life, I just want to say thank you again.
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RT @Jameca2011: If we are friends, don’t be scared to ask me for anything, you need $10 till you get paid? I got you. Need a tampon…
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i bet that girl who ate her tampon 6 years ago is an exo-l now
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@Onision my pussy isn’t that tiny, Jesus. If it was, I couldn’t even put a tampon on.
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The thing about girls is I’ve seen the same girl that talked HELLA shit behind my back be the one to offer me a tam…
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random fact acabo de lastimarme mi brazo derecho y descubrí que es muy difícil ponerte un tampon con la mano izquierda
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RT @supermarkusa: Don’t ever question my manhood,I just went into the grocery store and bought my wife 2 boxes of Tampax super tampon…
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jus learned when i was like 2 i wrapped tampon strings around my fingers wtf was i on as a child
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@miltikolor Pensé que ibas a decir, ponerme las zapatillas, cambiarme el tampón, tomar la pastilla,ir al laburo nos…
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@TheLostBride Try switching tampon brands.
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@DULCETVAL does she have a vibe or tampon in or is that her pussy lips i’m -
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@gulab_jamunish Also I kind of open the bottom of it (squishing the bottom edges of the tampon where the string is)…
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@floatininspace Passat 2.0 lt motor 140 hp Wolkswagen Seat Scoda Audi araçları ön panel bölüm sert plastiktir kaza…
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was scrolling through kazunari's card and i- why did i read this as my friend TAMPON
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Watching Behind Bars: Women Inside and shawty made a tampon from a pad wit a string I be damn
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RT @lightsedwards: mans doesn’t know what a tampon looks like
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Today I went through customs and had my bags searched because they thought my tampon was a weapon.
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RT @VisionBored1: Today’s tantrum is brought to you by: He’s itchy but won’t tell me where The toy that doesn’t take batteries is…
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RT @Jameca2011: If we are friends, don’t be scared to ask me for anything, you need $10 till you get paid? I got you. Need a tampon…
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