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RT @Bird5Ca: So the hereditary chiefs hv: *told Justin to “f” off. *told 37M Cdns to go to he$$. *told law enforcement they are…
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RT @THR: Alison Schapker, #AlteredCarbon season two showrunner, talks about the ways in which the drama continues exploring…
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RT @mjayxx_: Stuff like this happens on a daily but when Dave talks about how racist this country is there’s national outrage. W…
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RT @JordanPlays1_: When someone talks shit about my dog
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RT @onlyfanschichi: Content creator @beckiiwhiting talks about her experience of using @OnlyFans, including her thoughts, earnings and…
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RT @Twicefancyou: Everyone talks about Momo's blond, but this hair color deserves more attention
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Harrison and Calista have been a couple for 18 years ❤️
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RT @SJPFISH: Pocahontas is 100% a fake phony fraud ! Worse than Enron or Bernie Madoff She talks about "believing" in public…
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Open sa late night talks
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RT @sfeanrdin_: Kinda miss late night talks with u
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ACCESS Health Digital's Pankaj Gupta talks about digital health and working with the government of India on digital…
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RT @itisprashanth: #Draupathi interval - Much more than what one has imagined. Talks about a very important and serious issue. Gripping so far.
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RT @harapecoEN: Sou tweeting about how Nyan Nyan Teki Uchuuron! He talks about how it's been a while since EveSou last did a song…
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Dear Connor Murphy,​ yes, I also miss our talks. Stop doing drugs just try to take deep breaths and go on walks
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RT @Kendogdoll: Mark my words: if Pakatan is close to gaining majority, Bersatu WILL join UMNOPAS. All those talk about not wantin…
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RT @BBCPolitics: “We will not accept nor agree to any obligations where our laws are aligned with the EU or the EU’s institutions"…
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RT @darrengrimes_: "Geography is no reason to undermine democracy." This is really brilliant from @michaelgove, setting out the UK's…
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RT @insideskating: @StephaneLambiel: “Do it. Show us your colours!” This interview is quotable from top to finish – so you better rea…
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RT @lrrchan: Late night talks on these be hitting different
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RT @jason_brews: Nicole Pellizzon, aeronautical engineering student at the Imperial College of London, talks about her experience as…
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