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RT @SenSanders: How many jobs are we talking about? 📈 Nearly 250,000 good-paying, family-sustaining, union jobs per year across t…
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@CNC_Geezy_25 The Franchise as a whole.. ghetto as slang, I’m not talking about the slums lol
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Kenney is in a panic. He is talking about giving way Alberta's resources for free all the while cheerleading false…
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I called my mom just now and i cried and cried. She scolded me bcs she said I’m the one who makes she strong. She d…
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RT @mjwhansen: @TheWrongNoel Related: I was talking to a friend yesterday about her job search, and she was agonizing over fitting…
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RT @nanisxo: not to be cocky but talking to me is definitely a privilege
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RT @BoKnowsNews: WATCH: A frustrated @JoeBiden in Los Angeles reacts to Santa Clarita HS shooting—“I'm so tired of people talking ab…
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@bunnpossible @BradyTrett Yes, I am serious. Mac was clearly talking to Lemieux, and he dropped the gloves like a s…
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RT @knetsonbaekhyun: [Instiz] The combination of Stan Attractor + Main Vocalist = real popular member - Thought of BH immediately - Y…
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Bro y’all heart gon explode talking all that shit before y’all workout 🤣
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@JoeVanJohn1 I agree, Garrett is at most fault but nobody’s talking about Rudolph lol
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RT @JoeyPockett: how are the mystery dungeon games not the main pokémon games. who gives a shit about boring ass humans. show me the funky talking rats
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i'm talking about cikgu mata pelajaran for our class only aint no talking nor comparing him to the other teachers
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We're live for Episode #89 talking about stuff
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Some people need to begin to learn the difference between real love and fake love. Not just talking about love from…
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RT @JavierSierraPa1: It felt great to be at @ABRCMS talking to students who are outstanding scientists! Please stop by booth 516 tomorro…
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I really got a bad habit of hanging up on people before they’re done talking😭
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RT @simpIynik: u know when someone stops talking to you & u finally accept that yall not speakin anymore & then they talk to you and ur like ?????? ???
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RT @GabbieHanna: guys. i was talking to my best friend irene about how afraid of pregnancy i am and she, in all seriousness, just sa…
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