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RT @arbitrum: Come weigh in on Optimistic Rollups with Harry Kalodner at Scaling Ethereum! "Inside Arbitrum" talk begins at 1:45…
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@carpchi @Volcaberg Oh my god this tweet popped off- Uh if you see this follow me on twitter and twitch because yes…
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I feel abit (incredibly) shit and I don’t think I’ll talk for the rest of today :(
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@LouisWTNews The ones streaming TOU are okay? Do you need to talk?
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Great to talk to @VinnyMcAv on #lobbying reform for @CiceroGlobal 👇
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RT @Ziziian: Religious trauma is rife in this country & I’m glad more & more people are getting comfortable enough to talk about…
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RT @JohnSurico: One crazy paradigm I think about a lot is the one where older people constantly talk about how they used to play in…
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@Cocky_Roach_Boy I know we don’t talk a lot and that’s ok You are a amazing maker of ocs and amazing person in ge…
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RT @SFU_Science: Up to 90% of plastics end up in landfills, but recent breakthroughs might change that. Join @HoldcroftSteven of…
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If there were more times when things that talk showed up as people, I think that would make it more fun. [EP 3]
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especially her centred episode where she talked about her feelings towards chika. that episode made me her love eve…
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RT @WoKontua_3: How many Times wey people no talk plus am say make She shun dat her Attitude.. Law Bi Law . Take Ur Emotions out
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RT @gp_jls: can we talk also about how the anti trans bills are escalating? first it was no healthcare; now it’s the state will…
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People really be mad for no reason. I have customers ask me if they really have to talk to me or if they can do eve…
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RT @jiminsdivinity: fvck break up, did you ever have an online friend where you always talk to EVERYDAY, and they definitely have a pla…
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#NowPlaying ♫ #Np @kirkfranklin - JUST FOR ME (RADIO EDIT) ♫ at Listen…
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I am a mother so I understand every mother thinks their kid is an angel but are we allowed to talk about what a 13…
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RT @kandistmallett: If you’re ever at a protest and a tv reporter tries to talk to you on camera...don’t.
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RT @Iorestream: if you are not non-binary, read through this thread. we need to talk... [ rts are appreciated ]
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