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RT @pinoytapsilog: CROWDSOURCING Has anyone heard from the outspoken former President Fidel Ramos, whether he finally stepped out of…
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RT @ZekexNation: Aye man if their fans thought they was kings or legends then let it be but don’t question what makes them legends o…
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RT @caraweinberger: i thought i liked seeing movies but turns out i like eating candy in a dark room where it’s illegal to talk to me
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same energy with my mom saying that i talk about lgbt too much it makes her uncomfortable when i was gonna tell her…
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RT @rkivelost: this gem was way ahead of it's time and we as a society don't talk enough about it
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@Chandan03066759 Kya zehar bhr rkha h usne asim k khilaf really it was hell to chukla to talk even once in life... He lost now everything
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I think we outed our line manager as a Tory today because she “Doesn’t talk politics at work” to a room full of open labour voters.
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RT @ExtendLAN: We're looking for a volunteer speaker to come in and talk to our children about online safety during Safer Internet…
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RT @caraweinberger: i thought i liked seeing movies but turns out i like eating candy in a dark room where it’s illegal to talk to me
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@anita_555 The best thing to do isn't to talk about this false news
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Just to let those of you having a shot time know - I've kept my entire day clear tomorrow to talk to those of you w…
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RT @boblister_poole: Fake nurse who appeared in Labour election ad was on BBC drama How Despicable & Dishonest Of Labour!
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RT @MrBMarshall: Great to bring @theminingstory to the @ConfBoardofCda Centre for the North to talk about #mining, #ClimateChange…
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The less men think,the more they talk
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RT @MikeShepard4: Goldman employees are complaining over a scheduled appearance by Nikki Haley following her recent comments on the C…
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You love your granny so much you talk about her everyday 😂💛
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RT @moonlitrm: Them: fansites edit his lips. they’re actually MUCH thinner than what you see Jimin: 👄 lips so thicc gotta talk in…
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RT @davidjoachim: NEW: Goldman Sachs employees are complaining to executives over a scheduled appearance today by Nikki Haley at the…
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RT @PankajT04765688: @archillect Cracks...... Can be an Art. Can be an Alert. If the Walls could Talk......
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RT @analisemarie5: If we date, ur phone is your phone. U want to hangout w your friends? Go ahead, don’t do anything u wouldn’t want m…
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