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@lilliankaymusic i love you, this world does not deserve your talent but you deserve the whole world, universe and more more more
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RT @jos_swae: My boyfriend ❤️ alinidedicatia song🥺 moja ya @boy_shammah , and i had to go check out more of his songs,pale kwa Yo…
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RT @AdyDelv87: It’s Official signed with BEYONDXY @beyondthechromosome for talent Management. So happy to be apart of this famil…
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RT @AdamZHerman: Publishing this a bit later in the year than I wanted to but here is my first version of a top-32 for the 2022 NHL…
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@lequipedusoir @ChampionsLeague @vsainsily @Cdiscount Une tondeuse électrique quoi de mieux pour finir l’année dans…
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RT @FayaMVT: À force de ne pas exploiter nos richesses, les autres le feront, Expression Direkt (groupe mythique du rap des anti…
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RT @juliaonjobs: Being understaffed increases your profits only so long. Companies that win the war for talent will have an advantag…
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Ung grabe makapag judge about sa talent ng iba tas di muna tignan ang sarili, ewssss
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RT @Mafiobtw: F/A post Oficialmente salgo de @EsportsReven en busca de entrar a una organización como talent scout en conjunto c…
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g trop hâte de la france a un incroyable talent demain ya grvvvvv des danseurs omg
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@youNgTigeR_FAN Antha talent ledhanna
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RT @payalmehta100: Some real talent in our splendid North East…Earlier we saw Law Minister @KirenRijiju Dance moves that went viral &…
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Mvp dpoy 6moty coty I have no fucking clue like every season I can’t predict those awards but bam should be up the…
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RT @talentprotocol: Retweet this message if you want to support talent and be rewarded when they succeed 😎
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@Jon1222 @OmarKelly If I’m Ross I go find a GM who believes in Tua and give him the keys and checkbook. No rebui…
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@jaygx2 the talent
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RT @Queen_Godfriend: October not yet end but this month people already Discredit: - Gfriend talent (SinB AotM) - Gfriend vocal (Viviz vo…
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RT @FTalentScout: Cole Palmer needed exactly two touches to score his first Champions League goal. Fantastic talent.
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@DaveTheMayor GDC, Richard William Hill(NHS) fabricated reports and unrelentingly lied under oath A DISHONEST RACIS…
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Artistic talent to design an insect in @IlerJosh field biology @DanBlackBGCS @KBaconBGCS
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