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@searotonin @nicolelampert @UKLabour ‘I’ve found evidence easily’ ‘have to go out of my way to prove we’ll document…
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RT @jazz_inmypants: i don’t know who needs to hear this but u don’t love disney u just haven’t been happy since u were 11
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@LegendofBaba I think UBI will be a necessity further down the line. I don't see a another way to counter job losses from automation
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RT @wangjjpark: GOT7 Jackson and JB were listed as part of JYPE's F4 along with 2pm Junho and SK Hyunjin(?) (boys over flowers refe…
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If you don't see only puppies on these photos something is wrong with your eyes
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It happens that sometimes I just don't wanna receive a call& talk. Not that I am not in a good mood but I just get…
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RT @imwonkyun: lawsuits, contracts, business, it all takes a lot of time so if wonho is coming back or when he comes back it might…
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RT @DOwithlovexoxo: You mean like always? I don't remember the last time they posted about his solo activity so I won't have my hopes u…
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Still can’t believe this time last week I was filling in as the photog for @perezreports on abcworldnewstonight !!…
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RT @BadDestinyJoke: Warlock: Aah, this takes me back Hunter: The Vex gate? Warlock: Yep, takes me back into the past Hunter: You're…
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di naman bobo t/l/s dati ah
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RT @LaurenAshBeck: @crazyjoshywaa @JanellePierzina I did not know ANYONE lied about this situation I definitely did not or wouldn’t EV…
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RT @jhala_c: My therapist dropped a gem: you can’t spend your life avoiding heartbreak or bad things from happening. You have to…
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@LoyalistGerman @Writerer @SusanJaked @AndrewPollackFL Awe, thank you, I wasn't aware.
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RT @_bbychanti: I don’t take advice from anyone on this app ya’ll be way too bitter and excited to dull someone’s shine.
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RT @_princesstarni: If you don’t have forgiveness in your heart you’ll never find true peace
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RT @waltshaub: Pundits musing about whether there was enough razzle dazzle in yesterday's hearing sicken me. This isn't your enter…
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Y’all just don’t know
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N if I ever get inna booth I ain’t gone be like these false EP rappers lying in they raps, my shit gone be raw n mfs gone know 💯
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RT @Randolph_CTC: Did you know that workers who complete apprenticeship programs earn $300,000 more over a career than their peers wh…
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