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@SudeshBJP @rohini_sgh Sir ye aunty ka poora dhyan kis news agency me kaun hai, kya khata pita, salary, mobile yahi…
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RT @manggaetteok96: Gong Jun was really right when he said that the only similarity he shares with Wen Kexing is when he expresses happ…
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@Rehmiyy kuch to hai tughse rabtaaaa🤧💫
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RT @mubaraksumar02: Between “money” and “true love” Which one is hard to find nowadays
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5 Make it easy to take risks Make lots of bets with small downside and high upside. Don’t get used to a comfortable life early on.
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@Mixers_Army First girl group to win XFactor and to win best British group. Get them preforming on the @MTV awards
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RT @RuleBri79570575: @sugarkane_12 You’ll get an alert on your free laptop of when it’s due to arrive! 👍 Got mine today - nice wee bask…
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RT @jcsrake: i hope everyone celebrated corey in their own special ways. i hope everyone enjoyed looking back at videos, picture…
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RT @BRITs: Massive congrats to @arloparks for taking home the Breakthrough Artist award!! Now go celebrate 🍾 #BRITs
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The point is that every game has to end up with the winner saying, "FV432!".
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RT @drpenking: In 2021, ORDINARY Nigerians unmasked the primary murderer who has been been metting out evil for close to a decade…
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RT @NBA: Russell Westbrook’s journey to becoming the NBA's ALL-TIME TRIPLE-DOUBLES leader!
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RT @unclemidetush: Assumption ruins a lot of things. It’s okay to ask explicit questions when you find yourself getting intimate with…
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RT @Chuks79158200: IPOB and Oduduwa can never succumb to DSS cheap blackmail. If Lagos is attacked then the Lagos State CP, Hakeem Odu…
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RT @tknylon_: i said, 'mom, i'm so sorry' she smiled and said, 'darling, i don't want you to worry, 'cos i'm on your side for th…
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Announcer after Messi's goal: 'Fortunately for Barcelona Leo Messi wants to win the league' 😭😭😭
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RT @abrowgeei17: Glory be to God #PossessingtheNations
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RT @iiFer_plays: 🌊🔱Mystical Summer Royalty set 🔱🌊 🐚Concept for #Royalehigh🐚 🌊🦀Get ready to dive into the magical seas of Royale hi…
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RT @ProfChalmers: Is it because the photo shows him next to a woman over 30?
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