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RT @AnjanKarChamp: @Proud_SSRIAN @Sharmis71586682 Because all these are clear murders and our judicial system is worst in the world.
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RT @Maori_Nerd: The #AlienRPG Finale is up on the vod's. I love the system, the lore, the intensity of this game so much! After ro…
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RT @revolut20: @thirmprotocol TOP Crypto Revolution Project for 2021! Microcap Gem. So undervalued! World’s first DEX with Trophy…
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RT @AtticusKaren: @aparachick @LauraRWhang This story is a reminder why we need to preserve Medicare. Morrison and Hunt are happy to…
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@trustfiorg @bscstation A very smart project brings us excitement to always follow. I believe This project will wor…
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RT @_Namrataa: @AtishiAAP Lol! Seems Delhi education system has advanced too much to care for rules of basic mathematics 😈
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RT @hourlytherapy: I consider bts as my emotional support. They are the huge part of my support system, something and someone i can le…
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RT @conservmillen: The girl has now died. Her murderer had just been arrested and released 3 days before he attacked her. If there’s a…
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RT @AstronomydaiIy: Systematic Solar System..
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@cindy_blog A functioning system!!!!
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System is working
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RT @Mlickles: Did you know? When you reach the end of Doki Doki Literature's switch port, Monica searches your system for a copy…
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RT @physicsJ: Let's leave the Solar System at the speed of light in real-time (thread) The Sun seen from the emissions by Iron a…
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RT @lizzydawg: @roddyrowddy @LakeAmadahy @CranorE Dude, I'm on a med that lowers my immune system, keeps me in remission, makes it…
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RT @marceelias: "So far, corporations have been relatively quiet about the fact that the United States, at the hand of one of two m…
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RT @GagandeepGihat: @INCHaryana @mlkhattar Raise our voice Stop privatisation Save junior system engineer recruitment
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178 health care workers suspended from Houston hospital system for refusing COVID-19 vaccination This is Fk’N BS I…
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RT @orbitswap: Fact: DeFi is and will be a part of the globally decentralised economy system into the future. We are part of it on…
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RT @marceelias: "If you took nothing else from the last five years, it should be this: Democracy runs on the honor system." -@JVLast
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