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Now at 4.45am, power back on after 45 minute power cut. Did nobody tell the guy who switches off the power what schedule he should follow?
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Whoever painted over the original light switches in my house that was built in 1955..... ... you’re dead to me
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RT @SkinsHoops86: Ashley Joens just going to the post any time Baylor switches a guard onto her. Most guards are not used to playing…
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chef nurse whipping up those last minute plays and switches #wethenorth
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RT @graylish: impatiently waiting on the pieces for my next build: -kyria split PCBs + OLEDs and rotary encoders -kailh box white…
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RT @flackoyee: y’all remember when travis scott fans thought he invented beat switches lmao
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RT @SubThoughtz: Like imagine you keep getting attacked on switches gotta iso against Kyrie, Harden and KD all on back-to-back-to-ba…
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@luna_moonface // I hate top tweets, I find it utterly useless. Sometimes it switches it back 🤨
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Just finished this beauty. 😍 @ZOWIEbyBenQUSA S2 with a baby blue paracord. I replaced the main switches with TTC G…
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RT @Razer: An icon reborn and now armed with our latest tech. The Razer DeathAdder V2 uses our new Optical Mouse Switches to e…
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@akkbar21 @Gamer_Finger @focusattack There’s 5 type of switches: Blue Brown Black Silver Red I’m currently using S…
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Nortel POE switches, awful power supply behavior by design, not seeing much to scavenge...
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4nem took them bullets we put switches on them handguns
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RT @NumbersMLB: #Padres RHP Yu Darvish (@faridyu) will wear number 11. Last worn by C Jason Castro in 2020. LHP Blake Snell (…
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@espn Adam’s was running the whole game forcing switches and shit
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im curious what are your guys thoughts on parallel scenes? Do you like it when it switches from one couples side of…
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RT @NumbersMLB: #Padres RHP Yu Darvish (@faridyu) will wear number 11. Last worn by C Jason Castro in 2020. LHP Blake Snell (…
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RT @pjmvelvets: no but to think that lie is orchestral serendipity is all about the beat and filter is so intriguing to perform...…
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@SreyashiDey Curious whether these r switches or fresh ?? 😎😎
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About time my job switches its dress code 🙄
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