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Haha swiss miss! Wag ka! 😂 ang sayaa! Ganito pala feeling ng may ayuda 😂 chz.
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RT @mrkoot: Swiss tech company boss accused of selling mobile network access for spying (Dec 6) Signif…
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RT @JeromeTaylor: Swiss Air becomes the latest airline to suspend flights to Hong Kong citing the strict quarantine measures that are…
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RT @SGriffin_Lab: For the record, I have always said that vaccines are the way to come out of this nightmare one day, but no vaccine…
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RT @estebann555: Swissborg is not #BitMart It's a secure #crypto asset management app. Easy and accessible for everyone. Swiss mad…
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@mfuller297 @bauxietmali @Cumzilla420 @jbarro @mattyglesias German and Swiss house come with large cellar areas, wh…
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@Steffosawr Der Mann hat ja Wangenknochen 😳
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Swiss-based artist Not Vital–who usually eschews commercial collaborations–couldn't resist this ice-cool collaborat…
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RT @AkwiCynthia: Phantasma Is the ultimate Swiss army knife of blockchains.A one stop shop
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Zug ist das Zentrum des Crypto Valleys und offenbar auch der digitalen Überwachungsbranche: nach dem Skandal um die…
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Start small with Swiss Army knives and water guns
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RT @luis_aue: Today at 1:30 I will present on policies of inequity in the history of diarrheal diseases at the Swiss IPS Seminar…
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The Swiss need the spirit of William Tell via @theconwom
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RT @airplusnews: 🇨🇭🇱🇧 Swiss inaugure sa nouvelle ligne entre Zurich & Beyrouth. ▫️Du 5 décembre au 24 mars 2022, Swiss propose 2 vo…
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@s_shreyatweets NDA said Black money will be brought from swiss but havnt brought ☹ same as that vikas was also sai…
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RT @tasty: Matcha Green Tea Swiss Rolls are so soft. The perfect breakfast. Shop the recipe!
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RT @SoniaMills21: @SGriffin_Lab Thank you for your brilliant thread, for those who are (?) swiss cheese 👇
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@onlyapound Zurich. Swiss Air gona be delayed as there’s no ground crew wtf. Only 10 mins so land sane time. Forgot…
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Swiss Life hält Überschüsse stabil
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