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RT @caulmick: RECORD SEALED TD Niall Collins should retract 'hurtful' comments, says Mother and Baby Home survivor…
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NetflixでDesignated Survivorを見続けている。昨晩の最後は 米国で白人の比率がこれ以上下がらないように 有色人種だけに感染する新型インフルを蔓延させようとする犯罪のところまで来た。 回復したあと生殖機能をダメにする恐ろしい生物兵器のようだ。
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RT @DianeLangberg: Talking or telling the story and expressing the feelings that go with tragedy are actually instruments in the hands…
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RT @ReadeAlexandra: Today I am not just Joe Biden’s accuser or a survivor. Today I am an author. 💜
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RT @WWE: #TheViper @RandyOrton represents #WWERaw as #WWEChampion in a collision with #SmackDown's #TribalChief and…
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【DEATHMATCH SURVIVOR】Jaki Numazawa vs Kankuro Hoshino【DIGEST】 via @YouTube
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@neepo_survivor ニーポさん、おはようございますー🤗❤️ おおー😍❤️ 楽しんでいただけて良かったです😍
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RT @MartinSGaynor: [Thread: I have a few things to say, so please bear with me.] Friends, as some of you know, I am a survivor of the…
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RT @KOCOZach: SURVIVOR TREE: The Survivor Tree at the Oklahoma City Memorial has some damage from the ice storm. A big limb is do…
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RT @salltweets: Dear Everyone Defending The Erasure Of Women: This is what you’re fighting for. Redefining the most horrific & ba…
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RT @discosunbeams: Fianna Fáil, in an egregious, crass, and manipulative effort to deflect from their own failures are accusing Sinn F…
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@gessicakayane Designated Survivor também É TUDO
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@PeachieRad Playing survivor is so stressful for no reason
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RT @gunnerblog: “When I say ‘character’, it’s the fact that he always wants the ball,” says Francis Cagigao. “He’s extremely brave,…
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RT @kwilliam111: Rotherham survivor was on channel 4 news tonight
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@Paul_Ilett Oh look a man endorsing a man attacking a female domestic violence survivor while bragging he has not r…
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RT @AbRazaq: As Autumn slowly removes all foliage from trees, laying them bare. Today 22nd of October, I noticed one solitary ap…
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RT @sharonlambert0: "Our tendency to blame the victim ... marginalizes the survivor, minimizes the criminal act, and makes people less…
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