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RT @AirDropBishop: 📢 Woot woot! We are almost at 100K TL! @XGalaxiesNFTs really appreciates your support, #XGalaxians! Prepare for wha…
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RT @Ben_Scallan: Even putting bodily autonomy aside, surely these jab mandates are illegal from a privacy perspective if nothing els…
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21:28 #LosAlamitosRacecourse 1st 4 Surely Spectacular 4/5 f 2nd 2 Never Sway 17/2 6 Ran. Forecast: $9.84
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honestly lets be real here, yes gio’s been injured but jesus christ he’s done enough to be nominated surely 😭😭😭
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RT @Katyloveslabs: @BorisJohnson @DHSCgovuk surely baby groups and nurseries need new guidance? #OmicronVariant #COVID19
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@BorisJohnson @DHSCgovuk surely baby groups and nurseries need new guidance? #OmicronVariant #COVID19
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@VioletGweny Obama surely did
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...If it was Kanade, would she be able to create that kind of music? I cannot, but Kanade surely can—
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@elonmusk People are dying of diseases and hunger on the planet and he is ready to spend billions of free money on…
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@quakes99 surely affects REE...
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RT @Rosario58324309: @Ethen46597197 Surely HE has borne our griefs And carried our sorrows; Yet we esteemed HIM stricken, smitten by G…
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@FplRowan @Harrison81A @FPLFella Definitly where as with F1 we have you Christian Horner offsprings and us normal p…
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@iammrazul Even the thickest horse puncher couldn't possibly fall for this, surely they don't exist.
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@Emily_M_Lane @adamlines_ @ChristchurchCC That one must be on the Todo list surely? It's going to be even more heav…
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@heyniyahnur This just pissed me off. What entity possessed him to do that? He surely was trying to embarrass you b…
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RT @RhonddaBryant: Surely the police can only investigate crimes ‘retrospectively’, as in crimes that have already been committed?
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@supertanskiii @skwawkbox From skwakbox? Surely not?
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RT @HamishSymington: Here's another video of bees falling out of the sky when the lights go out. I'm surprised it's an on/off choice for…
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@AVFCOfficial Admin sort this out, Nakamba needs to be an option surely??
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i can finally say hello to midzy on the red carpet at the asian artist award or AAA 2021. how did i look? prettier…
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