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I am in Kauai and there’s no good reason for me to be on this website for the next four days except that I wish to…
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@M1sterFox Hey, but what if the supermarket sold toast?
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RT @waitrose: We’re very proud to have been named @WhichUK Best In Store Supermarket and came second place for Online Supermarket…
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We bought strawberries & cream and the lady at the supermarket till looked as if she wanted an invite as well... 😅
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Going to the supermarket just before closing time because you want human interaction but not too much 🥴
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did we HAVE to play supermarket flowers,,, fuck this man
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RT @DrKristieLeong: When I'm too busy to cook, I look for a hot bar at a #healthy supermarket that has a hot bar. Then I load up on roa…
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If you love fresh live seafood watch this video. This is not supermarket seafood kept in tanks. This comes straight…
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@fidelmacook Usual routine today-supermarket then lunch and reading your col. 😀
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RT @avenirdelight: @moviemenfes yg di tempat asli tuh kayaknya yg di hall olahraga, supermarket, kantor, gitu kaliya yang jalan pulan…
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Also No Judgement was on in the supermarket today and I was quite proud of my baby @NiallOfficial so stream No Judg…
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RT @WaltzGarden: Monthly costs: ▪️£10 - Supermarket Flowers Details: Around 10-30 flowers from abroad, wrapped in plastic, less sce…
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RT @BTC_Macro: I just came back from 2048. Bitcoin was trading at $1m per coin. Price was stable and hadn't moved in years. All…
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RT @WaltzGarden: Decisions decisions... This for 1 pack of seeds & compost for £10... Or a bunch of supermarket flowers for £10 H…
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RT @Hypocrisy_45: @lindyli I was in the Soviet Union for 3 weeks in 1984, everything they said was true. But what they didn't tell yo…
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@JW055 That's tough. I'm sorry. Last year there were months when I only left the house to walk the dogs to the supe…
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RT @Tradetoolssupe1: Check out Trade Tools Supermarket now! #AllToolsForAllTrades
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