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RT @Judnikki: nobody tells you that success requires so many emails.
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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is making no apology for her focus on the Christchurch Call at the United Nations nex…
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I know who I'm complaining to about SLOs from here on out :-D @ahidalgosre how do SLOs for ML-powered services wor…
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RT @AHayatu: Nice and insightful thread 👌. Dr. Success Aisha, can we now see the MBBS Certificate you claimed to have from ABUB…
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RT @AaliyahJay: 80% of your success is accessed by your phycology, the other 20% is in your actions.
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I want to be a tour photographer. To capture the progress, success, emotion, hard work and more of a group or indiv…
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@scottmjablonski Prayers for your continued success!
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RT @CLewandowski_: Journalist John Solomon leaves the Hill to start own media outlet. Wishing you Much success JOHN!!
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過去のおすすめ記事を紹介しております。 良かったら、是非ご覧ください。 良質なサ
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RT @KeaukahaPrin: Teachers teaching teachers! MAHALO @smventura for recent Visible Learning training! My leadership team began our wo…
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RT @inspirisys: Leverage RPA for increased business success, easy deployment and much more. Join this exclusive webinar in partners…
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RT @MBruceS649210: Poll on the BBC asks if the people watching think multiculturalism is a success or a failure.
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RT @lachinafina: The person you choose to be your partner affects everything in your life: your mental health, your peace of mind, t…
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RT @marshawright: Ok this one is pretty interesting... What do you think guys and gals? Trying to Spend Less and Save More? This Bril…
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RT @SAfridiOfficial: Congratulations @imVkohli You are a great player indeed, wish you continued success, keep entertaining cricket fans…
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RT @CLewandowski_: Journalist John Solomon leaves the Hill to start own media outlet. Wishing you Much success JOHN!!
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RT @richthekid: It’s no success without struggle
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RT @BalaSutpa: @RajuYad54498438 @Aryavrta By meditation , one can concentrate his/her mind very easily. And doing any work with fu…
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RT @MrsSkelton18: StarBooks Cafe was a success today!! Everyone read a LATTE and enjoyed a special latte (chocolate milk) with their…
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I love his words.."instead of killing with kindness, torture them with fucking success!" Awesome! He is spot on!
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