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RT @_gorgeouzz_: Just know everything good over here ill stunt when I’m official 🤫
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@Rofl_Swara Who knows this is political stunt to gain sympathy..🤔🤷‍♂️
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@GGenaral5 Hmmmmm. That’s a blatant stunt to shock ppl. They marched peacefully after that. Hardly militia tactics.
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RT @ArchKennedy: .@realDonaldTrump challenges Nevada Mail-in voting stunt: ‘See You in Court!’ Stay awake, conservatives. Stay wide…
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Explaining that "the idea of a stunt person taking my place was something I didn't want." #MEWfact
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RT @Ioumymind: hamillie was real even if we don’t like her as a person. saying they were a stunt is fucked up becuase h was clear…
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RT @wonderworld2016: This is what we call demoralizing America🤬😡 They should be called out for their disgraceful action‼️⤵️ Orleans P…
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RT @InternetHippo: i like when someone says it's normal for millennials to have no money because they're younger and they'll accumulat…
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RT @mtl_bcer: @RealTimeWWII Where's the disclaimer, stunt performed on a closed track by trained professionals, do not attempt.…
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RT @PalmerReport: Donald Trump scrambles to save face with US Treasury stunt after his TikTok gambit backfires
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Llab idc who stunt on me am Kate dats coo doe
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RT @sjmille64201139: I'll wait for WHO to distribute vaccine globally, that way I'll be certain its safe and effective. This is just ano…
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There’s really no point in getting my beard lined up.. It be covered up with my mask when I’m out anyway, so I can’t stunt the line up lol
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RT @RCI_101: Hey @SarahFischer__ Remember when you poured water over yourself in a stunt to mock Trudeau? It failed, it was c…
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So I’m going to this get together with like 12 people next week and I’ve been dying for a reason to dress up so I a…
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RT @MingNa: Maybe less noticeable on the outside, but my BODY feels the years of stunt fighting and long hours being #AgentMay!…
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RT @PalmerReport: Donald Trump scrambles to save face with US Treasury stunt after his TikTok gambit backfires
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Smoke your cartridges in style or pull up to the smoke sesh and stunt on em with a Palm Battery wrapped in (Louis V…
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RT @FilmFreeway: To create the impressive visual effects for #MargotRobbie in #ITonya, the VFX team created a full CG head replaceme…
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One of the easiest ways to stunt growth is being unsupportive, yet one of the easiest things to do is SUPPORT🗣🗣
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