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RT @itskeyon: Y’all be attacking people on here for saying stuff and then agree with it months later 😭😭
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Can't get enough of the r/disney threads where people ask for relationship advice because their partner doesn't wan…
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RT @BS_artsss: Of course im gonna draw more Lady Dimitrescu/Daughters/Maiden stuff.
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RT @_Nanikos_: Forgot to mention, aswell as the Ural Mountain stuff. Also saw more of the Cold War Zombies Alpha. And my biggest…
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RT @ShibaBBQ: Super Mario @63Redux stuff again I found that the Thwomp I originally made had incorrect dimensions, so I redid it,…
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i love working at a preschool bc i can draw stuff like this all the time
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RT @_crypt1d_: I don't usually ask people for RTs and stuff but this video is super accurate about what's going on in my country r…
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RT @mepunekar21: @AskAnshul Do you care for what people are talking or how many are dying ?..... I undertand , you have no choice…
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@TheEnglishRebel What happened to the Scottish how can they be fooled by the SNP lies a lot of the free stuff in Sc…
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@TheGoatonwheelz Nah give some of these freaks time. We’re gonna see some real nice stuff.
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Please consider not watching this stuff. Okay? Figure out how to help now, if you can. And then decide who has the…
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@wondergirlsGAW Be sure to word stuff correctly, you made it seem like you were doing to reward EVERYONE that did it.
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RT @RBJRON: I noticed on the television tonight how unit owners in the condemned Mascot block of units could lose 80% of the va…
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Maaaaan if Justin Fields had said some of that stuff 😂
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@charIessimp bc of this im not pulling for any new characters ☹️ bc i already know we are gonna need stuff from the…
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RT @mehdirhasan: Imagine having this stuff pumped into your brain on an nightly basis. Millions of Americans. The damage is incalcul…
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@TrendIsMyFriend @charts_N_stuff hope so have o dte calls and some out 5/21
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RT @AnfieldWatch: Jurgen Klopp on top four: "We just can read the table, we know the points, we know the situation and stuff like th…
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@maccan_m Literally just used stuff I found in the fridge but I’m all for brain storming pizza toppings
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