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@BillyReinhardt @EvanDecruz I think a lot of Nets fans are really overlooking Musa, wait til next year when he is a…
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RT @616PANTHER: proof that women can have a love interest and still be strong, independent and powerful
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Probity meaning; "the quality of having strong moral principles; honesty and decency"! Its Learn a Word Day!! You…
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@RaLu_Strong_ え。めっちゃ欲しいです!
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RT @moshimoshieee: IU's meesage for Sulli, you can feel her pain stay strong queen IU 😢
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In isolation Bruce, Steven & Acres went cheaply but the trades weren’t done in isolation. In totality the new lads…
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RT @shawnybills: 3 strong Hits 2 anthems Bet Award Tema free show Rapperholic concert Critics we r sorry ohk
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@BreesAnna Absolutely awesome. Amazing to see that you can stand up and stand strong. We are the news. And our stor…
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RT @quotetoponder: Be strong. Stay positive. Make them wonder how you're still smiling.
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6. Dorothea. I was so attracted to her the first time I saw her, but when I get to know her better in the game and…
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RT ChaskaBorek A strong, POSITIVE self-image is the best possible preparation for success. Quotes
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@AndrewYang Thank God you approved. I woke up wondering if yang would approve of a strong woman sharing the stage with his 4% approval.
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RT @jochendria: Strong, powerful women in a frame! 💖
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RT @ItsSohailKhan: #SiddharthShukla and #AsimRiaz playing very smartly. Strong contenders of #BiggBoss13!!
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RT @moshimoshieee: IU's meesage for Sulli, you can feel her pain stay strong queen IU 😢
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@babyhoneystylo Harry I love u more than lights up , and ti amo dal profondo del mi coro and you are my love and my…
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Please stop my heart isn’t strong enough for this
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RT @ArfaSays_: Misbah must keep an eye on strong built left handed batsman young Khushdil Shah. He's white ball specialist & a han…
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RT @realDonaldTrump: Mississippi, there is a VERY important election for Governor on November 5th. I need you to Get Out and Vote for ou…
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@RaLu_Strong_ iTunesカードお願い致します!
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