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RT @SenCalKapimiOFC: 📷| Kerem on instagram story. • #SenÇalKapımı • #EdSer • #HandeErçel • #KeremBürsin
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RT @sonneyjo: Watch Jen Psaki use reporter's question to throw shade on a Republican Party in complete disarray.
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RT @sweetvillcin: a book can have the best plot in the world, but if the characters aren’t written well, it’s still gonna be a shitty…
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RT @OdinAllbother: Gooooood morning world! Who needs TV when they can watch our Never Ending Story on repeat. All day. Every day. With…
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RT @SkyNews: "For no logical reason, the Israeli police are moving in and, in a very blunt way, controlling, as they say, the cr…
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Na-b-broken ako sa Fruits Basket, super sakit!! Iyak kay Kureno at Uo tapos kay Momiji. Grabe lahat sila may nakakalungkot na back story e.
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The @TerpsMLax program lives by the mantra "Be The Best". In his darkest days, @BillMcGlone33 used it for inspirat…
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RT @ActuFoot_: 🔴 OFFICIEL ! La finale de la Ligue des Champions sera diffusée en clair sur RMC Story (canal 23 de la TNT) !
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RT @seulstgrm: [INSTAGRAM STORY] 😘 @RVsmtown #RedVelvet #레드벨벳 #Seulgi #슬기 #RVF 210511 · 23:11:44 KST
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RT @imjaebooms: 🌴 I finally decided to join H1GHR MUSIC with the faith that I could accomplish my goals here, becoming an artist wh…
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RT @woodzxc: seungwoo IG story with seungyoun on a date 💙
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RT @itssrj_hxt___: Complete the story of 9 months #Story9MonthsKi SARALIA & KEEMAN KATTU @SonyTV
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La finale de la Ligue des champions en clair sur RMC Story
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RT @BIGHIT_MUSIC: [기사] #TXT Release “The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE” Concept Trailer
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RT @kittypurrzog: This is so bizarre. I’ve called 10 gas stations around Asheville and not a single one has gas. One person laughed a…
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On my best friend's birthday I made her an edit and organized a surprise birthday party for her and she got mad at…
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RT @Srttreedus: Cada vez uso menos as redes sociais, entro no Instagram e posto story e ja saio, as vezes vejo uns dois story e ja…
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RT @stae_elephants: Is Man really the superior species? We just need observe elephant behaviour to appreciate their thoughtful, intelli…
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RT @WooGuidance: The WHS guidance webpage has a listing of permanent & seasonal positions. Check it out. The Wooster Chamber has al…
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