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Morning freaks. How are you pleasing me today? There's only one answer to that question by the way. So stop droolin…
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Life straight really don’t stop. You don’t get time to process anything. Just gotta keep going.
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Stop spoiling please if mag spoil ka sendi lng kos location sa inyo balay dungan tag tanaw
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RT @maddow: Wisconsin: no one will ever forget it if you really do this. "Milwaukee officials said they only had enough poll w…
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RT @representatif: Bukan Nabi sih, tapi basically banyak penceritaan Nabi itu tidak berasal dari riwayat literatur yang sahih dan bany…
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RT @jodieegrace: did edward ever stop and think that maybe he couldn’t hear bella’s thoughts because she didn’t have any?
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They’re going to stop making alcohol
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RT @BuildingNews: Work should stop where 2m distancing can’t happen, CLC says
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RT @AnkyRanjan: बड़ा revenge revenge कर रहे थेना अरे तो करो ना, Stop Using TikTok , उन्होंने हमारे घर में वायरस फैलाया किस बात का…
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RT @BougeeMs: nobody: me: i’m finna stop fucking with everybody
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RT @ColloSalasya: #AfricansAreNotLabRats Italy, France and now USA and UK have more than 1k deaths per day yet they here yapping abou…
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my loose coochie need to stop getting caught in my pant zipper
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@deemadigan @unionsaustralia Stop misleading. Qantas delayed the dividend payment from 9th April to 1st September t…
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RT @alltohongjoong: yeosang stop being funny challenge failed
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PE Netflix - 2 of 2 For those nights of R&R after hitting the books Icarus (13+) Iverson (13+) Losing Sight of Sh…
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RT @moosakhan2920: Haters negativity kar sakte hai toh hum positivity karenge. We will stop at nothing. Only for Shahrukh Khan ❤️…
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RT @wtfguguu_: We need this uncle to stop Covid-19
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RT @izTariq: Treating women with respect has never been simping, stop trying to be macho for other niggas.
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RT @FLOTUS: As the weekend approaches I ask that everyone take social distancing & wearing a mask/face covering seriously.…
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