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RT @wyattreed13: Horrific scene in Sacaba today after Bolivian police decided to open fire on civilians, killing 4 people in the eff…
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It’s 10 pm and I still have to: -shower and wash my hair - find a suitcase - fill the suitcase - find a ritual o…
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RT @dancicek19: Live for The Extra Life-Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation Campaign,Free Fabled help/Recoveries, & Free Legend…
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RT @LaytonGreene: Let that shit goooooo, stop letting it stress you out. It’s not worth it💆🏽‍♀️
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RT @andrea_whovian: The endless snide comments about Whitaker on the Children In Need needs to fucking stop. Sick to death of it and…
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Holland covers hundreds of bus stops with plants as gift to #honeybees @Independent
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RT @heavenbrat: start learning to say no, who cares if they get upset, sometimes their discomfort is worth your own comfort. stop s…
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@AnXXopinion @MayorKeller American cities do indeed need to stop killing one another for sure. According to police…
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They are playing country through the speakers with badly tuned instruments make it STOP
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@CaliNeedsHelp Stop the insanity! @dbtaylor7
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RT @Jostweetcom: This is bad, If your out for HIKING, must you write, why are you destroying the nature. I am calling on Jos Hiking…
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RT @xoangelllll: i wish ppl would stop saying i’m toxic 😒
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@Conservatives Do you lot ever stop talking shit !
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Wow!!!! What will it take for more of our world to do great things to contribute to our amazing planet? 💖
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RT @aj_father_woo: Y’all ever been glad somebody stop fucking with you? Like yes take yo bad spirit/energy having ass on
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RT @aalllyysssa: If you guys are in the area please stop by 🙏🏼
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RT @GOP: Louisiana voters are sick of the Democrats' impeachment charade. It's time to STOP THE MADNESS!
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RT @jaeminomin: *nctzens freaking out about jenos abs* jeno: hehe haechan: haha our czennies love abs huh nobody: LITERALLY NOBODY:…
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RT @ITzsNicole: y’all gone stop leaving me on read, cause as soon as i die y’all quick to reminisce on them messages and gone look…
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RT @SportsCenter: .@KingJames ✖️ @TomBrady Can't stop, won't stop 😤
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